The Watchers and the Four Royal Stars

Who are those Watchers, anyway? We’ve all asked that question at one point, at least those of us who regularly cast sacred circles or work with correspondence lists and the effects of the elements or the cardinal directions generally associated with many Pagan traditions, Wicca among them. Just what exactly are the Watchers who watch us from within those Watchtowers?

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A little bit about Strega Lori Bruno

On the subject of Italian Witchcraft here is a Magickal Lady with a very colourful history.

I have also posted an article on Aradia earlier on if you are interested in finding out about some of the Strega beliefs. Just go to search on our CL and type Aradia. A beautiful book written in the 1900 century by Godfrey Leyland called Aradia, the Gospel of Witches. Aradia was the daughter of Diana and Lucifer, in Greek History they were the Twins Artemis and her brother Apollo. She was born from the Goddess of the moon and the God of the Sun.

Blessings to all and one

Priestess Hypatia.

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