What You Really Need To Know About This Summer’s “Eclipse Season”

You’ve heard about it in your horoscope. People are chattering about it on Twitter. The signs of its impact are all around if you know where to look. It’s eclipse season, stargazers, the term that the astro community has adopted for this roughly month-long period in which we’ll see a total of three eclipses. The first, a partial solar eclipse, arrived on July 13. The second, a total lunar eclipse, will coincide with the July full moon this Friday. Finally, another partial solar eclipse will close out the “season” on August 11. Phew, got all that in your calendar now? Good — here’s what it actually means from a spiritual standpoint.
The idea of experiencing a solar eclipse, then a lunar one, then another solar one might sound disorienting, but writer and practicing witch Julia Penelope says it’s actually fortunate that the three eclipses of summer 2018 occur in this order. “Solar eclipses usually signify change, opportunity, and new beginnings, whereas the full lunar eclipse offers us a chance to change our perspective,” she explains, adding that the lunar eclipse is an opportunity to process (and prepare for) the shifts brought on by the solar eclipses. Think of this Friday as a spiritual rest period between two potentially major shakeups.
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