Your Daring Date Horoscopes for the Week of July 16th (for those single & maybe not so much, lol!)

Your Daring Date Horoscopes for the Week of July 16th

David Wells, Astrologer

From The Astrology Room


You’re in with more than a shout this week Aries, it’s a full megaphone call for single sorts to be out and about as your new love sky sends some vibes to secret crushes and encourages them to say hello. He or she may be a bit shy but you have enough energy for both of you. Use it.

Venus is in a fellow earth sign and as much as she’d like to set off fireworks and strike up the band, things could be taking a little longer than usual. That’s fine, it leaves you space to do whatever you need to do to loose the influence of the ex. Step by step.

Why do some folk think that whispering and giggling behind their hands is acceptable? It’s not, plain and simple. You’re looking for a grown up Gem, someone who has no need for tactics better used at high school for a peck on the cheek. You’re in looking for way more.

If it’s all right with you, could you see your way to be outside the town hall at six tomorrow night? Don’t shy away from an offer of a night out, be it mates or first dates, you’ve got lots on but make some space for cupid to get up close and chatty.

What was it you wanted to ask? You’re not doing a very good job of being the flirtatious, outrageous sort you usually are? Are you playing it cool Leo? Watch out, you could play it so cool someone could go off the boil. Better not to play games, if you’re interested; say so!

Venus in your sign is hoping to make a connection, a connection that has longevity V, your type through and through and assisted by Saturn she might get lucky. But wait. Uranus has other ideas, he’s got his eye on someone so far off it may just work. Take the risk.

Understanding someone who has another agenda is part of the course Libra. You don’t need to be totally in synch, in fact it’s the fact that you have other interests that might make it work. You’ve tried living in each other’s pockets, how did that work out for you? Space, a new frontier.

I am writing your ‘scopes from Australia, staying with friends and they have friends who I haven’t met yet. I’m not looking for romance, but I am always open to new folks who could bring exciting things into my life. Be just as open Scorps, mates of mates bring dates that are great.

You may not know what someone wants from you, but isn’t that the point? Getting to know each other, understanding if they’re in it for some fun and games or two kids and a small conservatory out the back? Venus puts someone in your path; go with it without the grand plan.

Are you taking your car or is someone else driving? What about dinner, is the table booked and have you arranged a puppy sitter? No time, it’s get up and go Capricorn. When that last minute invitation comes in it could be Venus, Saturn and Uranus arranging a love match. Go.

You may not want to make yourself available for any of that dating malarkey this week and that’s fine, you have things you need to process and no matter how much your mates insist you’re okay to say no. Like you needed me to tell you that. Take a break.

With Venus in your love sky you’re favoured by the goddess of love, favoured also by your own ruler Neptune as he links you to big opportunities with someone you’ve been admiring from afar. Be brave Pisces, the planets are with you!

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