In essence, it’s when you’re being adversely affected and harmed by psychic or subtle energy. This energy could be in spirit or thought form, a hex or curse, someone’s ill-intentions that are targeted against you.

It can also happen when you’re being exposed to intense or violent emotional energy that has a lower or harmful nature (like road rage, or someone’s unintentional outburst), or when someone is psychically bullying you.

Psychic attack is not always intentional. Sometimes the person who is guilty of psychically attacking you isn’t aware that their thoughts, feelings, or desires are actually affecting you. Unfortunately, as awareness of this phenomenon grows, I’m seeing more and more people perpetuating this behavior intentionally, which is sad and at times downright creepy.


Nightmares, night terrors
Irrational moods/feelings/fears/worries
The feeling of a “dark cloud” following you around
A heaviness on your heart or soul
Not feeling like yourself
Intense fatigue or depression that had a quick onset for no apparent reason
An eerie or creepy feeling that you’re being watched or not alone
Experiencing frequent hardships/mishaps/accidents/setbacks


Avoid going into fear
Blaming other people
Thinking that you’re cursed, a victim, or powerless, or a bad person
Judging the other person or spirit is as bad, or fearing that they’re omnipotent, omnipresent or someone/thing that you have to hide from, counter-attack, or destroy.
Why? Because then you’re lending it your own energy, focus, and power, which only serves to make it work against you.


Look at your shadow. Years ago when I was learning spirit extraction and release, as well as clearing energy, reversing curses, etc. (yes I still do clearings, no I no longer deal in curses), a shaman I worked with shared that entities and attachments find their way into our energy fields through our shadows (meaning our shadow selves). Our shadow selves are the darker aspects of our whole selves. Our fears, shames, limiting beliefs, judgments, hatred, harmful desires, lusts, deviancies, etc. are all a part of our shadows.

Now your shadow is an integral part of being human, there’s no getting away from it, but what gives psychic attack it’s “in” is when it triggers an insecurity. Plenty of psychic attack or malevolent energy can bounce right off you, but if it hits you in a weak spot, so to speak, that’s when it scores a hit.

Identify your insecurity or weak spot – otherwise referred to as its “in” or back door. This is where your personal power comes into play: Rather than engaging with it, take a look at it, ferret out the insecurity and its underlying fear, and then take steps to resolve it. Depending on what the insecurity/fear is, it could take time to heal, resolve, or release it, but the good news is that once the insecurity has come into your awareness, you’ve found the attacker’s “in”. This puts you in the position of deciding what to do about it, rather than letting it run freely under your radar.

Refuse permission. When you realize that you’re being psychically attacked, and you’ve become aware of it’s “in”, then you have two choices: either react fearfully, or respond with authority. Take a deep breath, ground yourself, and then take the latter choice.

Consciously (either out loud or internally, but keep it private) acknowledge the attack. Acknowledge the insecurity that it’s triggered with compassion, and express gratitude to the attacker for bringing the insecurity to your attention, because now you can heal/resolve/release it. Affirm that the attacker has now served their higher purpose, they no longer have permission to enter, the back door is firmly closed and locked, and the energy can now be dissolved and resolved into Divine light. You’ve got this.

Work with crystal allies. Work with sodalite (self-awareness, self-knowledge, attunement) and mangano calcite (acceptance, nurturing love, gentle healing) while identifying and working through your insecurity.
You can also wear what I refer to a “psychic shield” in my book: black tourmaline (shields the aura), fluorite (cloaks the aura), labradorite (shields the heart chakra), blue kyanite (repels harmful thoughts/intentions), and either black obsidian (repels intentional harmful energy, like curses, ill-wishing, etc.) or jet (for empaths who feel particularly vulnerable, it absorbs energy in your stead).
On a final note, please, please, PLEASE, don’t judge or blame your insecurity or your shadow for making you vulnerable to harm! They’re vital parts of your human essence, and as their function is to catalyze your growth, they’re a beautiful and worthwhile part of who you are and of your life experience. Everything in creation has a higher purpose, even psychic attack, if we choose to see it that way.

A psychic attacker might be trying to do you harm, but if you exercise your authority over the matter, they’re actually doing you a favor. You don’t have to send them a box of chocolates, but the good news is that you don’t have to suffer their intentions, either.


Author: Krista Mitchell
Website: Krista Mitchell

Ms. Mitchell also offers a four hour course on “Psychic Shield: Energy Protection for Healers & Empaths” if you are interested the addy is https://www.krista-mitchell.com/psychic-shield


Courtesy of Lady of the Abyss & Witches of the Craft

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