A Thought for Today


What does being Pagan and/or a Witch mean to you? Please give an answer below in the comment section. This is partly how we can learn more about one another

To me, it is helping my fellow creatures including mankind to live in better harmony with one another.

It means thanking the Gods, Goddesses, Spirit Guides, Spirit and Power Animals as well as my Totem Animals for helping me make it through my day with positive thoughts, words, and actions.

It means to honor my Brothers and Sisters who walk a similar spiritual path as myself. Whether they are part of my coven or not.

It means living my life with freedom and joy of seeing the wonders of Mother Earth every day and night.

It means loving my fellow man or woman no matter how they treat me or say about me. Forgiveness is a power we all carry inside ourselves it is just a matter if we decide to tap into it or not.

It means coming to a coven gathering in perfect love and perfect trust with my brothers and sisters in our coven.

These are just a few things being a pagan witch means to me.

Blessings of joy, love, laughter, and all positive things coming into your lives dear ones.