An Informative Easy to Go Through Online Book

This book contains short references to mythology in many parts of the world. I have enjoyed just randomly clicking on a link in it to see what information comes up. If you are looking for a book with a lot of explanation on a topic, then I would skip this one. But if you are looking for a book that will make you want to learn more about some different countries mythologies then this is for you. With over 10,000 entries I think you will find at least one that would interest you. Happy browsing!

Encyclopedia Mythica

Jewelry as Protection

I was leaving for a rally the other day. Which one it was, doesn’t really matter. Won’t be my first, nor will it be my last in these turbulent times. As I was getting ready to leave, I went to my “accessory tray” (a family joke with my sons, as I am obsessive about everyone having one of these. Where you drop your jewelry, change, keys, etc.) I absent-mindedly began armoring up.

Yes, armoring up.

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Self Care Both Practical And Mystical: Techniques For Defensive Coping

It should go without saying but taking care of yourself is crucial for anyone in any viable spiritual, mystical, or occult practice. Now more than ever it is crucial, especially if you’ve decided to do your part in ways either practical and/or magical in order to help out with the current state of affairs.

For you, for anyone feeling more stress than usual in general, I have the following tips:

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