Herbalism in Magic


Herbs have enormous magical power, as they hold the earth’s energy within them. Each herb has unique properties that can enhance one’s magical goals. Herbs also may have medicinal properties. The magical practitioner can draw upon either aspect when performing a spell.

Following are three key herbs I use in my work, and the magical properties associated with each (I will discuss additional herbs in the Forum):

  • Rosemary has many uses in magic. Rosemary from one’s garden can be used in magic, but it is also found as incense and an essential oil. The primary 

For the rest of this article please click on this link: Herbs

3 thoughts on “Herbalism in Magic

  1. Yes great magical correspondence reference. This I will definitely use.
    Further reading and references from ” Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs a book by Scott Cunningham”. Also very informative.

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  2. There are so many ways herbs are used to help us. I love myou hot herbal tea I drink every day. We need to keep keep Mother Earth clean and green, so, these precious plants alive that help millions of people everyday. Blessed Be!

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