With Heartfelt Thanks and Tears of Joy

I know my sister, Lady Abyss has thanked you for helping her to live but I feel I need to thank you for you rallying around the plea I made for her yesterday. She is getting her life-saving medicine because every person who donated towards it no matter how small or how large it all help her to reach her goal. It is a marvelous thing you did for her and her sons. I so excited to be going to Lady A’s life celebration gathering and I hope you will all attend.

Let us not stop the healing candles and prayers, miracles do happen and hopefully, with enough of us pouring out powerful positive healing energy to Lady Abyss there will come a time in her life that she can go off this medication and still live a long life.

I gratefully bow in thanksgiving to Lynette, Elanor and Lord M for being there 24/7 since the fire to protect her in the hospital and help her do things she just could not do when she came home from the hospital after the fire all the way through to the crying and shouts of jubilation as Lynette ran out the door this afternoon to get Lady A’s life-saving medicine. The time, energy, support, love etc you have given our Lady is priceless. Thank you again.

My brothers and sisters, I cannot explain the roller coaster my emotions have been on the last month with our Lady in the hospital again and then finding out that she can only live by taking expensive medicine. I thank you for the love and support you have shown to me also.

I ask the healing Goddesses I work with, Kwan Yin and Sirona, to keep you all in good health. I also ask them that if you have health problems that they help you to overcome them.

If you would like to send Lady Abyss and/or her sons, Joseph and Jacob, a handwritten note you can use the following address: Witches of The Craft, P. O. Box 331, Kevil, KY, 42053. Put ATTN: whoever it is for. For example Witches of the Craft

ATTN: Lady Abyss

PO Box 331

Kevil, KY,


If you live outside of the USA the address would be:

Witches of The Craft


PO Box 331

Kevil, KY, USA,


If you prefer to send an email or e-card the email address is: witches_of_the_craft@outlook.com. Please put For Lady Abyss in the subject line. This way her office staff and other helpers will know it is personal for her. The same goes for her sons, it would either be For Joseph or For Jacob. The young men have gone through a lot in a very short time losing their biological mother Mistress of the Myst in a fatal car accident and all the things Lady A has been through in under a year. Both young men are very strong and have a great support system, that includes you, to have made it through a;; of this in pretty good shape.

I know any of the three of them, the WOTC Staff, and the special people that have been helping Lady A recover to get back to us would like to hear from you.

With my deepest gratitude and love from my heart to yours, Namaste Sisters and Brothers,

Lady Carla Beltane

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