A Little History of Wicca and the Relationship to Fairies

The practice of Wicca was popularized by a retired British civil servant, Gerald Gardner in 1954. It is a belief system set in motion by a reverence for the earth and the natural order of the universe and stems from a secret mystery religion that had existed in secret for hundreds of years.

Often misunderstood and highly villianized by Hollywood as Satanists, witches (in the worst sense, or kooks who communicate with the dark side, sacrifice children, and wreck havoc on their neighbors with the help of black cats and faeries. Wicca simply means “to bend”, and these practitioners, whether solitary or part of a group, want only to be let alone to commune with the earth and forces of nature.

Practitioners of Wicca celebrate and acknowledge the passing of the seasons, remembering a time when all that grew and provided sustenance was determined by simple things such as rainfall and the condition of the soil. There is much more to it than that, but for this article we …

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2 thoughts on “A Little History of Wicca and the Relationship to Fairies

  1. I have a question about how to make peace with Faries and make amends with them. At my job as a Wellness Coach I sometimes counsel onsite at a few different quarries in my area. They are blasting up the rock to crush it and make it into infrastructure materials for roads and things. I am 100% sure this is very disruption to the Faries. I usually try and apologize when I’m onsite. Any specific suggestions would be appreciated, thank you!


    1. If the natural habitat of the Fea is being disturbed on a daily basis they have probably left the area years ago. If you have a yard you could plant a variety of flowers and leave out ginger root, honey, small pieces of pastries or cookies, a little warm milk. These things would be an invitation to the local Fea that your yard is safe from them to visit and/or live on. You could also leave about a 1 foot square or circular patch in the corner of you yard unmoored giving them another safe haven.


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