Dragons of Light Chant

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The following call or brief ritual are meant to be included in your other rituals, within a cast and sealed circle. They are used to add greater power to any spell working because they specifically call the elemental dragons of Spirit. This taps into a vast reservoir of power current which can amplify any other power raised within the magical circle.

Dragons of Light

The music for this element should be the astral, airy kind. It should make you think of floating through space, circling the Sun, and visiting the stars. Express yourself in dance as if you were dancing through the universe itself.

Note: Use white candles or other objects along with your other chosen element color. Correspond the herbs and oils to the other primary element. Repeat chant three times:

Light of the Spirit, symbol of Sun,

Be with me now ’til this spell working’s done.

Help me…

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The Son of Llech y Derwydd and the Fairies

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The next Fairy tale that I shall give akin to the preceding stories is to be found in “Y Brython”, vol. iii., pp. 459-60.  The writer of the tale was the Rev. Benjamin Williams, whose bardic name was Gwynionydd.  I do not know the source whence Mr. Williams derived the story, but most likely he obtained it from some aged person who firmly believed that the tale was a true record of what actually occurred.  In the “Brython” the tale is called: “Y Tylwyth Teg a Mab Llech y Derwydd,” and this title I will retain, merely translating it.  The introduction, however, I will not give, as it does not directly bear on the subject now under consideration.

The son of Llech y Derwydd was the only son of his parents and heir to the farm.  He was very dear to his father and mother, yea, he…

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