Magickal Tools and Your Spiritual Journey


Written for Coven Life

on 30/3/2018

By Hypatia Of Alexandrea


Let’s start off this magical tool journey with understanding how to concentrate our tools.

Lesson One

Consecration of magical tools

As magical and spiritual practitioners we acquire certain tools in order to assist us throughout our spiritual practice. These can be in the form of physical tools such as wands, besom’s, staff’s and cauldrons, or mental tools that can involve white light, spirit guides in the forms of animals, beings from other worlds, plants and so on. These tools are to be kept separate from your other everyday objects, such as not keeping your Athame in the same place as your other knives where others or even you accidently use it for other than magical and spiritual purposes. If a tool has been used for mundane purposes, then it will be of no use in the magical world. It would have to be ideally replaced or thoroughly cleaned and rededicated at the least.

Consecration and dedication is not only an important aspect of the self, but that of your magical tools and space. It consists of preparation, purification and presentation of your chosen objects. This creates the right vibration. Such procedures involve soaking tools overnight in salt water or by standing them on a moon it alter. If salt soaking will damage the tool than do the latter. Visualization is another, using other power objects such as oils, incense and crystals, using prayers, drawing down the moon, creating sacred space for the object to sit in for the full cycle of the moon, burying the object in the earth, anointing with consecrated candle wax and of course the list goes on. Your imagination is your only limit. Another way is first presenting them to the 4 quarters and then to the Goddess and God.

Sometimes the simplest methods work the best, for instance


  • Hold the object in you power hand allowing to pass energy into the object.
  • Make an effort to establish a link with it allowing the energy to flow back towards you.
  • When this stage feels complete allow the energy of your ultimate power (whatever you may feel this is) to flow back into the object.
  • Perceive as self as being a medium or channel for that Ultimate power.
  • Know that every time you pick up that tool that you will feel that surge running through you, to the object and back into you.

Note: As the energy between you and the tool is strong, please consider carefully all that you do and ensure that it is only for the greater good!


A ritual to consecrate tools

You will need:


White candle

Small bowl of water

Small bowl of salt or earth

Your chosen tool


Cast your circle

Ask for blessing on the articles representing the quarters

Place your symbols in the appropriate directions (for instance fire in the south)


Pick up the object to be consecrated

Consecrate on the goals you want to achieve and the actions that you want to carry


Before you wondering spirits,

I bring this (name tool)

May its benefits be devoted to the work of the Lady and the Lord.


Light the incense and waft the object through the incense smoke.


By force of air, be purified

Be devoted to clarity

May all aspirations be realized for the greater good of all.


Over the candle pass the instrument over the flicker of the flame


By the power of the dancing light, be purified.

Be devoted to longing.

May all aspirations be realized for the greater good for all.


Take the implement and bring to the earth and salt and say.


By the power of earth and dust be purified.

May all aspirations be realized for the greater good for all.

So mote it be!

Lesson 2 will consist of ideas on how to be creative in making your magical tools.


Lesson Two

Making magical tools

Your imagination here is your only limit. This is where your creativity and spirituality meet. Allow yourself to merge with spirit and the tool you require will come through that. Sometimes its finding a piece of drift wood while walking and contemplating on the beach, or a stone or pebble that calls out to you during a forest walk, even a feather that happens to be in your walking path where ever you may be. Finding your magical tools in nature can be very invigorating and exciting. Other times it’s walking into a local crystal shop and picking up a stone that is speaking to you. Others use Tarot cards as their magical tool, some even make their own tarot. Just remember whether you find it on the beach, in a shop or you have made it with your own hands, concentration of the object is essential in order to use it as a magical, energy and spiritual tool for the greater good.

We accumulate these tools that are there to assist in our spiritual path. They should appear to us at the time we need them, they will often call out over and over again. Sometimes we collect sticks and stones without even knowing their purpose, and then, Bam…… a set of runes and a wand is made. Well along those lines anyway.

In this lesson I will be giving some ideas on what materials to use and how to make them and other magical tools. Remember that each and every person connects to their wand on a different and of course personal level, if you chose to have one that is.

You’re Wand:

This tool should be made to be portable or just to be placed on your scared alter of your choice. For those who prefer to make their own, working with the energies of nature is very powerful and beneficial. It could be out of wood or crystal or both and include a variety of natural materials. Remember to keep the materials that the wand will be made from as natural as possible, even the glue, such as a natural resin to stick what is needed on your wand.

I myself love any type of wood, depending on what I need it for.

  • Drift wood- Connecting to the power of the earth and the sea.
  • Apple wood- Working with Faerie magick
  • Ash wood- Communication on all levels
  • Alder wood- Spiritual self-development
  • Basswood-Star magick
  • Beech wood- Divination
  • Birch wood- Expel evil
  • Cedar wood- Protection and preservation
  • Cherry wood- Healing and love magick
  • Elder wood- Faerie magick and the healing arts
  • Elm wood- Fertility and re-birth
  • Hawthorn wood- Psychic protection
  • Hazel wood- Magick spells for wisdom
  • Hickory wood- Direction and abundance
  • Ivy wood- Determination and strength
  • Maple wood- knowledge
  • Oak wood- Protection
  • Vine wood- Spiritual intuition
  • Black wall nut wood- Magickal teleportation

These are just some examples. To read further and decide which one suits you follow this link

Or you could be drawn to a local wood within your region. Sometimes it’s just a matter of the wood calling out to you. When you find out what type of wood it is,  you can then connect why it has chosen you. Sometimes this takes a while. Learn to be patient and they will appear to you when you need them.


Don’t just take, please ask for permission from the Great Mother. Do a little ceremony if you have to. Don’t just go and randomly cut of a piece of wood without asking the plant or tree spirits. In some cases such as the Elder Wood- “The Elder is the Lady’s tree, cut Her down and Cursed ye shall be”. Respect, gratitude and reverence will only help you acquire the correct spiritual tools. Ensure they are taken ethically and with permission, always!

These sacred woods could be used to make other magical tools such as a set of your own runes.

When you are ready you will know what you need to do. Sanding, cutting, trimming, engraving, wood burning and more. These are all techniques that will be used to shape, construct and energize your tool. Choose the symbols that call out to you, meditate, ask for assistance from your Goddess and God, your higher self, your Familiars, your Spirit Guides, Nature, or whatever it is that you would be drawing the energy from and to, for the greater good of course.

While making the object, ensure you are in a scared space. This could be done by simply placing a veil of portable protection over you. Use only pure intention, be out in nature, at home with incense burning and music. Allow yourself while making the tool a space where it can speak to you. You may have a certain design with certain symbols before you start and through the spiritual process of construction it may change to something completely different. Just remember to take your time. The more you connect with your spiritual tool and become one, the more it will assist you on your spiritual and magical journey.

Here are some examples of my own spiritual experience just to get you started and remember this is your own personal journey. The more personalized it is the more it will mean to you and the more power it will be charged with!

Choosing your material to make your tool.

Below is a piece of drift wood, when I cut it I found nature’s own pentagram within.



A piece of Birch drift wood that I literally nearly tripped over on the beach.



Magical tools taking shape by charging them with sacred symbols.



Final product,


A set of runes



A magical wand with one of my long-time favorite Brazilian quartz crystals attached (with natural resin) that finally found its home.



Setting up sacred space to concentrate the tools.

I also spent a great deal of time in this circle constructing them.


And remember this is your personal spiritual journey so make it POWERFUL!!

Use your Imagination and Off You Go!!