The Importance of Keeping Magickal Moon Journals

How many of you see everyone running around talking about how wonderful the Full Moon is and wonder why you feel like you just got hit by a truck and are completely exhausted? For empaths the Full Moon can be completely exhausting. It honestly took me years to figure out the correlation. I finally noticed that every Full Moon when it came time to work with magick I was completely exhausted. I started tracking it and noticed that it was incredibly consistent. I also noticed that on the day of the New Moon I had new and refreshed energy and I felt much better.

Another example is when a storm is coming in. I often know a storm is coming long before those skies start to turn as I get an incredible headache and depending how bad the storm is that’s coming through it can make me incredibly fatigued and even cause dizziness.


3 thoughts on “The Importance of Keeping Magickal Moon Journals

  1. This is one of the mosr important parts of you magical journey! Magic is about learning the rythm of the Great Earth Mother Gaia. Journaling the cycles of the moon is especially beneficial for women as our natural cycle of womb shedding is connected to her. Honour her with every turn of hers and your cycles.
    Allow, aknowledge and appreciate the Devine at work. She is a Great Mother to us all indeed!

    Blessings to all.


  2. This article is very interesting. For me it would help with my practice of the craft,to help me recognize how my connection to the moon helps me both mentally and physically.


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