A new beginning for Coven Life’s Coven

Our gatherings are open to any Witch or Pagan that would like to attend, with the exception of when we have an initiation, we try to keep the ritual itself to 30 minutes.

After taking into account the answers below and those I received by email the coven gatherings meeting time will stay the same.

The social time for the gatherings will begin at 6:45 PM CT instead of 7:00. Please take the social time to meet new people, ask questions about our novice and/or adept lessons or just to say hello to someone you have not had a chance to talk in a while. Everyone is encouraged to join in the discussion during this time. Please stay around for a bit after the ritual is done to share how you felt about it, if there is something you would like us to include in future gatherings or leave out. But the main reason is getting to talk with your brothers and sister in The Craft for a while longer. Please stop all socializing during the circle. Thank you!


14 thoughts on “A new beginning for Coven Life’s Coven

  1. The best time for me would be 8pm CT, as it is 6-7pm PST. I’d be able to attent alot more gatherings that way.

    Sorry for such a late response.

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