Night Of The Witches Ritual – Chase Away Winter – Bele Poklade

Bele Poklade (Poklade does not have an exact translated word in English) The term translates to White Carnival. Some might even say “Shrovetide” I have included pictures of the carnival, but not my personal ritual. It gives you a taste of what its like!

Generally the first full moon in March is when this ritual is performed. Unless of course we are still in the throws of harsh winter. This ritual has deep Pagan roots and has become more Christian and is celebrated several weeks before Easter and parallels with Carnival season and Lent. Hence the term Shrovetide. Commonly celebrated in February by Christians.

The Uses of Spirals in Spirituality – Printable

Many cultures and spiritual practices use spirals in many different ways. Some of these ways are for face and body art or a way of meditation or a way to honor those who have gone to the Summerland before them or ways that have been lost to history. Spirals do not only include circles but many other shapes as well such as the ancient sites in South America and England.

I have made a set of spirals for you to be able to trace with your finger for relaxation, mediation, specific elemental energies or even working both sides of your brain. To do this trace first with one hand for a while and then switch to the other one, each time you do it switch with hand you start with. It is also good for keeping your fingers nibble so use a different finger each time you use it.

Try drawing your own designs to follow too.

Trace green for Earth/grounding and blue for Water/calm your emotions.

Trace the red for Fire when you need more energy/ the yellow is for Air to help with thinking more clearly or for help with studying

Trace the black to help you did yourself of negativity then the white to bring positive  energy back into yourself. Bring yourself back into balance.