Four Day Snowstorm – Helped me Discover Many Things

I live outside of Chicao, Illinois, USA. From Thursday evening through Sunday around noon we got about 14 to 15 inches of snow, I have not actually measured it yet. I am thankful that it did not all fall at once as there little breaks between the downfall but city and state operated snowplows still had a hard time keeping up. I am grateful beyond words for the men and women who took their lives in their hands to clear the roads and to all the police and fire personal that were over worked as well because of an increase in traffic accidents and people getting hurt in other ways also.

Half the time I was without internet but thanking God’s and Goddesses that we had heat, electricity, food, and shelter. Which many people did not have.

I looked at the situation as a quite time almost like a retreat and took advantage to have time to do some deep mediations, read parts of books on The Craft I has not gotten to, spend quality time with my husband and best of a long hot mineral bath for sure muscles.

I learned that I had been taking the spiritual side of my path for granted and the magickal part was getting to much focus. So my goal is to get the balance back between those two which will in turn help me being my entire self back into balance and allow me to connect more with the Universe and all its wonders.

Have you taken time recently to take stock of your spiritual/magickal path to see where you are in it?


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