To Lady Beltane

Well what do you think of the new graphics? Too much? Just right? Too many flowers? You said you wanted springy, I gave you springy! If you don’t like them let me know and I will take them down and track down something other else. The girly flowers reminded me of you. Every time I talk to you, you have a bubbly personality, light, airy and just refreshing. But anyway, if you seriously don’t like them, let me know. You ought to know by now you ain’t going to hurt my feelings? Got to run……

Love ya, sis,

Lady A

2 thoughts on “To Lady Beltane

  1. I LOVE the graphics!!!! The rainbow part is awesome! I’m sorry I wasn’t on my website for a couple of days. I got a patch of ice under the snow and graceful me fell. At least I was smart this time by taking time off to tend to myself. Happy to report no bruises or sprains or breaks just a little stiff and sore. My middle son and a couple of friends have been reading me about wrapping myself in bubble wrap…haha.
    Thanks sis for your time, talent and compliment.
    Love ya back,
    Lady B


    1. I don’t know if you would want me to reply to you walking in the snow and falling here or not! I have a feeling you know what I would say, &%&*#%$#@, I swear! Forget the bubble wrap, I am going to find a bird cage big enough for you and stick you in it with a computer. Then I am going to call you Lady Tweetie! Just kidding, I have no room to talk do I. Anyway I am glad you like the graphics. I wasn’t for sure if they would be too much or not. Let me know what else you need, like the PayPal deal. Got to run for now. Try to stay safe. Oh, one more thing, you need to make a protection amulet for yourself as well as your husband and stick it in the pocket of your coat. Just a suggestion.
      Love ya, sis,


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