The Runes of Odin ( 7.Gebo, Gyfu)


Gebo : Love, Forgiveness, Skill, Gift, Talent

Stone : opal

Day : Thursday

Tree: Pine, Elm

Plant : wild violet

Month : February

Element : Air

Colour : dark blue


Galdr :

Pathwalking with the Rune :

  • Divinity : Gefn “she who gives”
  • Letter : G
  • Symbol : the gift
  • Element : Air
  • Tree : Elm of mountains (Ulmus glabra) and Ash tree (Fraxinus excelsior)
  • Plant : Heartsease ( Viola tricolor )
  • Stone : Rhodochrosite, Malachite, jade
  • Color : Dark blue
  • Animal : The bee, the dolphin, the whale

Gebo, the seventh rune, pronounces “Ghay-bow “. Its shape of cross symbolizes the sacred mark, the existing connection between the human and the Gods. Gebo is a gift, a sharing, a building ties with the one who gives and the one who receives, and engenders a state of balance and harmony.

Gebo also indicates the presents which the Gods have offered to the humanity, but it also symbolizes that the humans can be able to be generous when they want. Coming after Kenaz, Gebo teaches that we learn to give by being oneself creator, and that the creativity involves the gift. Gebo will become the Rune of Love with the experience of Wunjo…


The information above is tanks to:

The Rune teaches that the gifts should be given with pure heart.

Meaning : Clearing a curse or a karmic duty through sacrifice that brings the right intent and action.Using this sign one can offer gifts to the Deities. Gebo is the Rune of Partnerships in all realms. It holds the power of uniting the energies of two or more people in order to create  more powerful force that is stronger than the common power of the individuals. Gebo is the basic rune of sex magic, of love magic. It raises the magickal skills. It brings mental and physical balance. It brings harmony amongst brothers and sisters , husband and wife, it brings harmony in the personal relationships.

Gebo advises you to frankly ask for forgiveness and the forgiveness will be given to you. There is a present or income. Development or discovery of a skill or talent. Gebo also advices you to openly state your love and not to hide it from others. It means happiness in partnership. You should express sympathy.

The Old Ones believed that the gifts require from you to offer gifts in turn. Receiving presents obliges you to give presents to the one who has given you the presents , this one can be a person or just the Destiny or the Deities. Forgiveness is the biggest present to accept or to give it.

Gebo is widely used as a symbol of kiss.

The gift itself offers you the choise to accept it or not. Each thing has its price, so if you decide to accept the gift, you should be ready to give something in turn. Spiritual gifts are precious. Find the balance between giving and receiving and you will learn to receive and give and to do this with responsibility. This means that you will know when and who to gift. It is not wise to give to everyone.

The Rune Gebo does not have reverse meaning.

Using the rune : In pathwalking Gebo can align crossroads when it is necessary. To anchor a crossroad use the combination of Gebo and Raido. Never combine  or write Runes one onto another. If you make a runic script, write each Rune separately one after the other in a row or you can write them in a circle but always write each rune separately. Each rune has its power and energy and each Rune is a body . Some practitioners even see them as Beings with their own personallity and magic skills and they can convey messages and communicate with the practitioners. This is what I have been taught and what I believe. Even the wrong drawing , carving  or writing of the Runes activates their dark energy and then the Runes can do  harm to those who created the script or to those who use it unless one destroys the wrongly written Runes  with Fire.

My advice is not to write Runes and just leave them in the dust or in an old drawer with other papers and books to stay there for years and ages . This is showing no respect and honor towards the Runes. If you no longer need a certain Rune or Runic script, just burn it into the Fire and disperse the ashes in the Air. I just feel the  responsiblity to share this with you, my readers, my brothers and sisters ..because if you are now reading this you are my sister or my brother and I love You whoever You are. I love You just as You Are. I love you with Pure Heart and I am giving to you this knowledge as my Blessing to you.

Now , let`s return to Gebo. It works well as a blessing put over gifts. It can be drawn in the air with the words : “ I give You this gift”  when you know that someone is not willing to accept your gift because he/she thinks that this gift is not for free. Doing this spell you help this person to feel comfortable when he/she receives your gift. Of course, you should give it with pure heart unconditionally. Otherwise the negative energies will be attached to your future presents.

Gebo can be drawn with the index and middle fingers together and always start the two lines from top to bottom.

Until we merry meet again

Blessed Be

Mistress of the Mountains



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