Lammas: Where Did It Come From?


The excitement of the harvest season has permeated the fabric of history since the agriculturally based societies were first established. Having weathered the delicate beginning of the planting stage and found mercy from the myriad catastrophes that could befall the crops, Lammas heralded the onset of the time of tremendous work met with equal reward. Wheat is thought to have been the first grain to translate out into deliberate agricultural production and the festival of the wheat harvest was of great significance.

The Anglo-Saxon word “hlaf-mass” or “loaf-mas” is thought to be the origin of the word “Lammas.” Lammas is also called “The Festival of the Wheat.” The date of August 1stis significant in that it marks the midpoint of the warm time of the year, which would begin at Beltane and end at Samhain.

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