Imbolc – A Solitary Ritual

Holidays and holy days are better with friends and family.  But many Pagans maintain solitary practices.  Even if you work with a group, sometimes you can’t be with them for one reason or another.  And sometimes your group meets on a convenient day but you feel the need to celebrate on the exact day.  Whatever the reason, many Pagans will be celebrating Imbolc by themselves.

Imbolc is celebrated as Candlemas and Groundhog Day.  It is the first of the Spring festivals, although since we in the Northern Hemisphere are still in the depths of Winter it is the promise of Spring we celebrate, not its appearance.

One thought on “Imbolc – A Solitary Ritual

  1. For whatever reason John Beckett and this interpretation of and Imbolc ritual really speaks to me. Maybe it is because it is so close to the rituals i am used to. The coven that I was following used to practice rituals very close to this. I am thinking that I will try this Saturday night, as always just in time the gods have given me something to help me over the sorrow of a lost love. Hope everyone has a wonderful day here it is cold but definitely sunny and beautiful



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