Celebrating Lammas In Australia – With Recipes

Recipes by Tarah/ January 17, 2017/ Lammas Recipes

Lammas in Australia is a bit different to our northern neighbours and so it should be. We are in the opposite Southern Hemisphere after all. We have a vast range of our own fruits, vegetable, animals and our seasons are completely different. I see the same question pop up all the time among the community “what are you doing to celebrate Lammas?” For our newest sisters this can be a very confusing time while trying to find your feet!

So to first find the history lets look at the words Lammas, Lughnasadh and Lunasa. All three of these words are used interchangeably to represent the celebration.

Lammas(Lah-mus) – Anglo Saxon – Festive of the loaves.
Lughnasadh (Loo-na-saw) – Irish Gaelic -This word roughly translates to Lugh’s Assembly. The god Lugh is known as the Celtic God of the Sun.
Lunasa (Loo-nah-sah) – Modern Irish – This is a more modern version of Lughnasadh.

Lammas is traditionally a time of harvest as Summer turns to Autumn. It is a time where the community of villagers and farmers would come together before the labor of harvesting would begin during the Autumn months to determine if there was enough to last for the long winter ahead. In Australia Lammas is usually celebrated on the 1st or 2nd of February, this is one of the hottest times of the year here and is the perfect time for that trip to the beach, a BBQ or just a great meal with friends.

Considering in this modern age we no longer have great feasts with villagers and farmers . One simple way to bring this tradition into a more modern era is to shop fresh, go to your local markets and buy fresh fruit and vegetables, free range eggs and milk to support our Australian farmers. Make the conscious decision to buy Australian made if you don’t usually.

Thanks to our farmers food is available to us all year around meaning we don’t have to store food for winter like they did back then. This removes the need for us to asses if there is enough food for winter. So for us it is the perfect time to assess and plan our lives for the upcoming months (how are those new year resolutions going? Time to re-assess?). Don’t forget to also look back on the successes of last year. Focus on what you achieved and reward yourself for those achievements no matter how big or small. After all you made it through all of those times you thought you wouldn’t.


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