A Message From Our Brother Tharem

Sorry I have not been posting lately due to that I been battling two wars here on the home front. The first is that the lady I was with has been cheating on me and she finally left me last Friday. With this conflict, it causes me to have internal conflict within my mind. It was bad enough that I ended up in the emergency room and came close to be in the mental health ward. I am now calling on my brothers and sister of the craft for prayers and support to help me to get through these times of need for me. I would like to get back to posting blogs that you all like. Yes it hard for me to present you this message.


With love and blessing to you all my brother and sisters


2 thoughts on “A Message From Our Brother Tharem

  1. Have faith in your ability to heal brother and take your time to do it right.
    I will light a candle and say a prayer for you.
    May the great Goddess shower you with Her blessing in your time of need.

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  2. Oh my Angel ~ I am so sorry for your heartbreak! Breakups are truly hard, but please Angel, please try to look at the bigger picture… For whatever reason this was not supposed to work out. She is not the one for you for if she was she would never had cheated and would have had better communication skills so as to talk about what might have been bothering her. When someone truly loves and cares they do not cheat – they communicate and talk through it because the love is strong and communication is key. My dear, please stay positive and keep the Faith in the knowledge that this too shall pass and your true love is trying to make her way to you. So, wipe those tears away, take in a huge deep breath, talk to your Angels, vent if you need to to them, and then come back to center and say “thank you.” That’s right… “thank you” for this happening now and not later down the road when you would be even more invested. And, “thank you” for your bright future ahead and the Angel that will be coming into your life soon enough. Trust me love you are going to more than fine and your Light will shine even brighter in the future.

    Always with Light & Love Angel! Cheers!


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