I know you thought you got rid of me but guess what, let’s talk………

Witches Of The Craft®

So how ya’ doing? I hope fine. I have a question and I want honest answers, please. I have been monitoring the store and the sales for it, frankly suck. The store was doing fine before I had my latest adventure and had to be off for a few weeks. I want to know did something happen during those weeks I was off. I want you to be honest with me because if something did I will do my best to make it right. Those of you who have dealt with me know that is true. Is it because an 18 year old kid is running it? Truth be told, he isn’t running it, he is helping me run it till I fully recover. When I am back to 100% I will be back to running it full time.

I have made agreements and signed contracts with various wholesalers to…

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