Up-date on Marshall County Ky School Shooting

Witches Of The Craft®

Ever since we heard about the shooting at the Marshall County High School in Kentucky, we haven’t done anything except to try to find out more information. Finally, the Law Enforcement Agencies and the Governor gave a press conference about 20 minutes ago. The shooting was much worse than what the local News station was releasing or known. There were two 15 year old students killed, one was a girl who passed at the scene. The other was a 15 year old boy who passed away at the hospital. The shooter wounded 14 others, who are now being treated for gunshot wounds. Two of those have been air-lifted out. There are 5 others being treated for non-gunshot wounds. The shooter is in custody and is going to be charged with murder and attempted murder. I believe if an animal can kill young teen-agers with no regard for their life, then…

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