A Thought for Today

What is one of your main goals for this year?

Mine is to be a better teacher and leader to not just my novices and adept but to the pagan community at large. To make this goal to be realized, not just this year but for as long as Coven Life is on the world wide web, I will be and have asked as I call them my Spirit Council to help me. What is a Spirit Council? For me it is a combination of my ancestors, spirit guides and protectors, spirit and power animals, a Muse that helps me write named Collipe, the deities and Archangels I work with. They help guide me when I listen to my inner voice or intuition or they come to me in dreams or during meditation. I also get help from you brothers and sisters when you make comments on here and/or write to me. For this I am very grateful to you for helping me to help others.

Please keep in mind dear ones I am not just here as another blogger or teacher of The Craft. I am also here to listen and help you through whatever may be happening that you might want an ear from someone who will listen without judgement or a “shoulder” to cry and/or lean on. I am here as a spiritual advisor or minster if the need arises.

  • Blessings of love, light, and peacefulness  I send to you dear ones.

5 thoughts on “A Thought for Today

  1. My main goals for this new year are the same ones that i proclaimed at Samhain. Being trans and continue on my transition, I am to the point that I feel I should be helping others, so I asked for the confidence to continue to change and the strength to to lead and show others what the need to do to become the person that they were born to be.
    Just my thoughts Blessed be

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  2. The one thing I’m working on is to fight my sarcoid head on and be as healthy as I can be so I can enjoy anything and everything around me.


  3. What my goals are for this year is to figure out a balance with living with fibro, really being there and listening to all of the kids / family and getting more novice Lessons completed and just learning the craft. Looking forward to continuing my journey. Thanks again to Lady Beltane for all you do with Coven Life and the opportunity to be here! – Raven


    1. Hi, I too battle with fibro. So if you ever want to vent please do.

      Esbst coven gathering Wednesday, January 31, 2018, gathering starts at 7:00 PM CT. Sacred circle starts at 7:15 PM CT SHARP in Coven Life chat room. Please do not enter chat room after circle starts. All information will be on covenlife.co Homepage 1 week before gathering. Until we meet again blessed be, Lady Beltane Covenlife.co  Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S7, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone


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