Where I Fear to Tread: Angels and Witchcraft?

I’ve always avoided angels. It seems I can’t anymore. In this post, I discuss angels, ascension, and Hekate. There’s also a ritual to welcome angelic help.

I’m currently dealing with an unwanted suitor. You see, for the second time in my life, an angel seems to want to become my spirit guide. The problem is that I don’t much care for heavenly beings. I actually fear them if I’m being honest. As a daughter of The Dark Mother, I prefer the familiar underworld creatures. I brought this on myself by declaring that my dark days were over and welcoming Hekate Soteira into my life on the winter solstice. This version of Hekate as Savior also happens to be the Mother of Angels, so it’s not surprising that this is happening. Since I’m committed to going where I fear to tread, I decided to perform a ritual to welcome my angel guide into my life. But I still have many questions about angels and witchcraft.


4 thoughts on “Where I Fear to Tread: Angels and Witchcraft?

  1. I have read through all witchcraft, spells and so much more but my biggest disire in my life is to become a witch myself so i can understand being a witch..please help i want to be a witch.


  2. Hi, thank you so much lady Beltane for your kind reply i have received your replyment regarding my request and i am so filled with joy from your replyment… Thank you so much once again and i shall start now.. With love Nikky.


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