A fantastic way to get something you may need or just want to give yourself a present. While helping Lady A’s day to day living fund. From what I understand all proceeds from purchases go to help out dear sister, friend, and fellow witch Lady of the Abyss. I have found the herbs, candles as well as most items Very reasonably priced. If you prefer to send her something, like a card and/or cash or a check by regular mail please use this address is:                  The WOTC

Attn: Kit

P. O. Box 331

Kevil, KY 42053

Witches Of The Craft®



up to 50% off on select items

We have new merchandise coming in for 2018, so we have got to move out the old to make way for the new. This means huge savings for you on select merchandise. For instance, we have journals on sale for $14.95. These journals normally sell for 24.95 to 39.95. They can be used as spell books, dream journals, any kind of journal you have been dreaming of. Now is the time to buy, we are clearing them out.


Witches Spell Book Journal

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We have had requests for certain lines of merchandise and we are proud to announce we now carry them. The first request was for body jewelry. This line includes nose studs, toe rings, beautiful anklets, all of which are sterling silver, gorgeous line. The next line was difficult to obtain but we got it just for you, it…

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