Ceremony-Gathering- Ceremony Honoring the Great Goddess energy Selene on the Blue moon eclipse in Leo January 31, 2018

The gathering was written by Hypatia Alexandria. She will also be leading the gathering. Continue reading “Ceremony-Gathering- Ceremony Honoring the Great Goddess energy Selene on the Blue moon eclipse in Leo January 31, 2018”


Imbolc/Lammas Gathering on Febuary 2, 2018

Our Imbolc/Lanka’s gathering was written by Two Feathers. She will also be lead this gathering.

Friday, February 2, 2018

at 7:00 PM CT

Circle starts at 7:15 PM CT SHARP. Please do not enter the chat room once the circle has started. Thank you!


Coven Life’s Chatroom


Northern hemisphere : one red candle for the God ; one white candle for the Goddess
Southern hemisphere : one yellow candle for the  God ; one red candle for the Goddess

If you do not have candles with red and yellow colour , you can use two white candles, any candle  size  is ok. If you use two white candles you carve the symbols of the God on one of them and the symbol of the Goddess on the second one
/Goddess and God symbol are included in the attached file below/

Candle holders for the candles
Matches or lighter
Small sheet of paper and a pen
One envelope with flower or vegetable seeds in it
A glass with wine, mead or juice as a gift for the Deities


Two Feathers :
I call you Great Circle of Crystal Light
to hold our combined  energy tonight.
Time and Place we leave behind
as we work into your Light.
In the names of the  God and the Goddess
And with harm to none
This circle is sealed
So Be It

Two Feathers : I call the Guardians of Air into the watchtower of the East to protect our circle
I call the Guardians of Fire into the Watchtower of the South to protect our circle
I call the Guardians of Water into the watchtower of the west to protect our circle
I call the Guardians of Earth into the Watchtower of the North to protect our circle

Everyone type your name and country you are now in

Everyone light the candle of the God and say :Northern hemisphere /red candle/: As the Young God steps into Power and the days get longer so Peace Love Abundance and Joy settle on Earth and our dreams come true.

Southern hemisphere : /yellow candle/ As the Horned God sacrifices himself  providing us food so His Light is not lost but saved. The Light will be with us during the winter and will keep us safe until the Sun comes back in Spring.
When you are ready type : Done

Then light the candle of the Goddess and say :

Northern hemisphere /white  candle/:
We honor You Great Maiden
Bringer of hope and wishes come true
as you awaken the trees so Love awakens on Earth
and we thrive into Your Generosity

Southern hemisphere /red candle/:
We honor you Great Mother
Bringer of Fruit and Abundance on Earth
We thank you for our food and for our wishes come true.

When ready type : Done
We will now take 3 minutes to write our desires on the paper. Pour the seeds into you hand and whisper your dersires to them. When finished put the seeds back into the enevolpe along with the paper you wrote your desires on. When completely finished type in Done.

Two Feathers : We thank you Horned God and Triple Goddess for attending our gathering now and we share this gift with you. Go in Peace and Harmony and Blessed Be
Everyone take a sip of the wine/mead/juice

Two Feathers :

I dismiss the Guardians of Earth from the Watchtower of the North with thanks and blessings
I dismiss the Guardians of Water  from the Watchtower of the West with thanks and blessings
I dismiss the Guardians of Fire from the Watchtower of the South with thanks and blessings
I dismiss the Guardians of Air from the Watchtower of the East with thanks and blessings

I bring us back to the time and place to live and work on Earth and to be safe. Thank You to all of the energies and Spirits that helped us in the circle. Go in Peace and Harmony to where you belong. This circle is open but unbroken
This is so.

The box with the seeds and the paper within will be kept in a secret place until the next sabbat Ostara for the Northern hemisphere and the seeds will be planted together with the ash of the burnt paper with the desires.
For the Southern hemisphere the seeds will be mixed with more seeds at Mabon and preserved together  till the next spring and planted at Ostara together with the ashes of the burnt paper with the written desires on it.
When you take the seeds to be planted first burn the paper with your desires written on it. Than mix the ash in with seeds before planting them



Making Your Pentacle Your Own

My pentacle that I wear daily is approximately 1 1/2 inches in diameter. On the front of it is the Goddess with her arms raised. I apologize for the quality of the picture but I did not want to disturb Cleopatra or Starbabie, my two canine familiars, who are using me as their pillow. You can see part of Cleopatra’s head in the picture.

(This style pentacle and others are available from Magickal Necessities. See their link on the top left side of our Homepage)

My pentacle is one thing that I wear close to my Heart Chakra on the cord is also a Unicorn pendant given to me about 15 years ago by my husband, a green Adventurine to help with my back problems, and a heart pendant the containg clear quartz made for me by my dearest sister (the one I went to Germany to visit in 2016).

I have worn a pentacle blessed to help protect me from metaphysical as well as physical assault of any kind. But the one felt different after I cleansed and blessed it. So I asked my guides why and then meditated waiting for answer. I learned that not only did the points on this pentacle represent the five elements, Spirit, Air, Fire, Earth, and Water, they also each represented a deity I work with or works through me. Starting at the top and going clockwise the points represent many different aspects of the Horn God, Mary Magdalalene who is one of my guides, Ra my patron god, Kwan Yin/Sirona healing goddesses that with through me to help others, Mother Earth my matron goddess. The goddess on the front is the Great Mother and the horseshoe shape thing she is holding above her head a creative muse that helps me immensely Collopie. By finding out this information truly made this MY pentacle as I seriously doubt anyone else would have the same beings at the same points as I do.

To make your pentacle your own you could do it the way I did or however you are inspired to turn a pendant you bought as a symbol of your spiritual path into a one of a kind personal amulet. Continue reading “Making Your Pentacle Your Own”

The Runes of Odin ( 6.Kauno, Kenaz, Ken)

Galdr : http://www.sunnyway.com/runes/galdr.html

Pathwalking with the Rune : http://www.northernshamanism.org/pathwalking-with-runes.html

  • Divinity : Heimdall, Freyja, Frey
  • Letter : K as in king
  • Symbol : The torch
  • Element : Fire
  • Tree : The Pine, the bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus), the hazel tree appreciated by dowsers and wizards.
  • Plant : Ragged Robin (Lychnis flos-cuculi)
  • Stone : Carnelian and Fire opal
  • Color : orange-red
  • Animal : Dragon (telluric energy which it is necessary to learn to master)

The sixth rune, Kenaz, is the rune of the knowledge. Kenaz represents a torch, symbolizing the domesticated fire.
This rune brings light into the darkness, the light of the Knowledge. Kenaz is a rune of learning and teaching, she allows the human to realize positive actions. Kenaz represents the forge thanks to which the smith transforms materials into something new and useful, the materia prima which is transformed by the man. This rune invites the researcher to reconcile the opposites with wisdom and caution, to apply and/or concretize the acquired knowledge.

Kenaz is the rune of the artist or the craftsman. The fire which illuminates. From an alchimic point of view, Kenaz indicates us that each can transform his or her deepest being into something more bright, of more divine.

Divinatory value : Illumination, valuable advice. Creative forces which slumbers in each of us. Artist, engineer, politician etc.

Spiritual value : Kenaz teaches that to progress individually on the spiritual path is not enough. The Vitki* must thanks to his internal light or with the brightness of his spirit, to illuminate those who still remain in the darkness and the ignorance.

Physiological value : Digestive organs, pancreas, spleen, inflammations and feverish condition.

Wisdom guidance : ” Separate the wheat from the chaff and enlighten without blinding !”

The information above is tanks to:


The Rune helps us reach insight and know the truth. The Rune Kauno enlightens the path and disperses the shadows. Its advice is understanding must lead to action. It is Light in the darkness, Spiritual Enlightenment. It also symbolises the Gate leading from darkness to light. It also may warn you of sources of heat : lamp, fire ; or physical danger. Do not leave the fire unattended.

Divination : You are about to find out new understanding of the meaning of life, a new insight.Use this knowledge before it becomes useless and find out ways to use it for the best of all. The enlightenment is only the beginning of  a big adventure. If you continue with pure heart and if you are honest , you will achieve big wisdom and understanding of life.

Converse meaning : hidden danger, a path that will mislead you, it is possible deep darkness and cold energy to appear. Pay attention to your health before small healthy problems get worse. Your relationships with others are troubled. In combination with ISA or OTHILA the Rune Kauno means delay or loss and it may block your progress and bring concerns. The advice of the Rune Kauno reversed is not to get stuck in anything , but to accept the truth  and to go forward.

Use : the Rune can be used for spiritual understanding, for initiation, protection, achieving power, for banishing evil forces. It can help overcoming obstacles through learning.As an amulet it is used for good luck. The Rune Kauno is not the proper rune for battles. It banishes the darkness but it cannot win the battle with it.

Kauno is the Rune of fire and it gives you the skills and the willingness to create. It is the rune of the artists and craftsmen. This rune also rules the technique of magic. It rules the passion, the zest and sexuality as far as  these are fiery and positive qualities. The Rune Kauno is also connected with healing and good health, love , stability and passion in relationships. It strengthens the skills in all of their aspects. It is creative inspiration. It restores the self esteem and strengthens the will.

This is the Rune of Truth and Fire. When we draw it into the direction of the speaker while he/she is speaking, we can know intuitively if he/she speaks the truth.

Kauno can also soothe flames that have been lit by yourself/ candle, torch, fire/ when you have to leave the place for a little while and leave them unattended. It can help you light a fire for all purpose. If you use flint and steel , mark them with Kauno.

In combination with Ansuz, Raido, Perth, Inguz, Hagalaz or Berkana the rune Kauno means inspiration, giving birth. Kauno with Berkana strengthens the sexual activity.

It can be drawn with the middle finger starting from top to bottom.

The Old Norse God Heimdal

Thanks to :


Heimdall (pronounced “HAME-doll;” Old Norse Heimdallr, whose meaning/etymology is unknown[1]) is one of the Aesir gods and the ever-vigilant guardian of the gods’ stronghold, Asgard.

His dwelling is called Himinbjörg (“Sky Cliffs,” connoting a high place ideal for a fortress), which sits at the top of Bifrost, the rainbow bridge that leads to Asgard. He requires less sleep than a bird. His eyesight is so keen that he can see for hundreds of miles by day or by night, and his hearing is so acute that he can hear grass growing on the ground and wool growing on sheep.[2] Here he watches and listens, holding at the ready the horn Gjallarhorn (“Resounding Horn”), which he sounds when intruders are approaching.

During Ragnarok, the gods know that their doom is at hand when they hear the dire call of Gjallarhorn signaling the imminent arrival of the giants, who cross the rainbow bridge to storm Asgard and kill the gods. The disloyal Loki, the particular nemesis of the unwaveringly dutiful Heimdall, is with them. Loki and Heimdall slay each other as the world burns and sinks into the sea.

Taken together, certain verses in Old Norse poetry seem to indicate that Heimdall was once considered to be the father of humankind, and possibly to have established the hierarchical structure of Norse society as well.[3][4]

Heimdall himself is, like so many of the Norse deities, a son of Odin. In a feat possible for gods but not for biological creatures, he was born from no less than nine mothers.[5] Some scholars have attempted to equate Heimdall’s nine mothers with the nine daughters of the sea giant Aegir, but this interpretation faces the difficulty of the names of Heimdall’s mothers not matching those of Aegir’s daughters.[6]

Apart from the above, the sources for our current understanding of Norse mythology offer only tantalizing scraps of information on this evidently once very important god. For example, Heimdall is often associated with the ram, but, despite a number of interesting yet ultimately entirely speculative interpretations from various scholars, the connection is unclear.[7] A notoriously enigmatic verse in one Old Norse poem states that Heimdall’s hljóð is hidden beneath the world tree Yggdrasil and is somehow associated with the eye that Odin sacrificed. The word hljóð has a wide variety of meanings, and could equally plausibly refer to Gjallarhorn, Heimdall’s hearing in an abstract sense, or his hearing represented in concrete form as an ear.[8] Did Heimdall sacrifice one of his ears for some great reward, much like Odin did with one of his eyes? We simply don’t know.


Until we merry meet again

Mistress of the mountains







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