Runes of Odin ( 5. Raido)


The Rune of Travel and the Cosmic  Law

Galdr :

Pathwalking with the Rune :

More about Raido :

Stone :  chryzopraz

Colour : brown, bright red

Element : Air

Tree : Oak

Plant : mugwort

God : Odin

This Rune means journey towards energy places or to the realms of death. It can be used for receiving knowledge from the dead through magic, session or divination. It is used also for provoking change and unblocking the situation, also for consecretion of things. It can be used for blessing /either positive or negative/. It can invoke positive powers. The rune is good for understanding  big changes and everything connected with the ancestors.  It provides safe journey and imigration.

Raido is the rune of the Cosmic Law and Order, the Rune of Justice. It can be used in legal matters especially when you are wrongly accused of something and when you are innocent. In such cases you can invoke these forces of the Cosmic order and justice.

Divination:  a job connected with far distances  and transport. Gaining new friends or returning of old friends to you.

Metaphysically its meaning is “ the life journey”, the wheel of life or a deep spiritual quest. It can mean sending or receiving a message. Everything in life is a question of cycles. When we accept this truth and  attune our life to the seasons and if we honor the changes of the seasons , then we will have success. Do not be afraid of the hard times. The more difficult it is now for you the more easier it will become in the future.

Reverse meaning : isolation, luck of change, delay, breakdown, a secret mission, an enemy who pretends to be your friend. The meetings lead to unexpected troubles.

Raido is the Rune of the spiritual journey through the worlds. It can join different timelines and it helps walking in two worlds at once. It may happen that there is no pathway into one of these worlds and this may block you. In such cases here comes Raido to help you go on.

It can be drawn in the air with the thumb or index finger , start from the bottom left and go upwards while saying the Rune aloud. This can help us see the path clearly , it can temporarily join two paths and we can walk both of them at once.

Until we merry meet again

Blessed be with Wisdom and Positive energy

Mistress of the Mountains




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