We Will be Back to Daily Posts Tomorrow

Hi dear ones,

Sorry we have not kept up with daily posts during the last week. I was down sick again and we were all busy getting ready for Yule or Midsummer. Even though I have family things this whole weekend I will make sure there is something new and hopefully interesting up on the site every day.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Yule or Midsummer! Our Sabbat gathering last night was attended by 25 people including some children. It was the first time we did a circle to include the Sabbat for both hemispheres which worked out better than I thought it would. So every Sabbat gathering from now on will include whatever Sabbat it being celbrated in the Northren and Southern Hemispheres. It was an awesome experince for me and I have heard the same from some others that were there. Our next gathering will be on January 1, 2018  for the first full Moon of the new year.

Until tomorrow blessed be dear ones!

With love and light,

Lady Beltane


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