It is time to get the WOTC up and running again

Witches Of The Craft®

An up-date on Lady of the Abyss first, she is starting to be weaned off her morphine. Which is good but they intend to let her stay on it and do the weaning because they have started to try therapy.  She made small progress yesterday. She was able to get up and stand on with the aid of a walker. She didn’t stand long because of the intense pain. I have been trying to lighten her spirits. I told her if anything ever happened to her, I was going to resell all the metal she now had in her body. That did not go over well. She told me to shut up. When she landed on that side, all the metal in that leg was twisted and moved out of place. The doctor started at her foot and used microscopic surgery to put the rods and screws back in the…

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