Tragedy Strikes Overnight

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I know most of you don’t know me but within the next few months, you will. I am Lord of the Myst. I am Lady A’s good friend and Mystie was my sister. Lady A wished for me to inform you that she will be away from the WOTC for the next several months. The reason being, she lost everything she owned late last night to a fire in her cabin. The fire started around 3 or 3:30 according to Lady A. She was asleep along with her little dog, Kade when it started. They were asleep in the loft area when the fire started. There was no way for them to escape the fire except to exit through a window in the loft. She grabbed Kade and out the window they went. Neither one suffered any injuries from the fire but Lady A did suffer a broken leg from…

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One thought on “Tragedy Strikes Overnight

  1. I humbly ask you to please ship in Magical Neccessities and/or if you can make a direct donation to please do so. Coven Life website came into being because Lady Abyss talked me into it after I had been posting and only doing coven gatherings through WOTC wrbsite. So all those I have and am teaching can thank Lady A for this. Please keep her in your prayers as this horrendous tragedy is just one of the things she has had to endure during last about 18 months. It started with her almost losing her life in an auto accident which took her many months to recover from and then losing her dearest friend in an auto accident a short time ago. So this is the time to show your gratitude for all she has done for us and our community. On behalf of Lady A I thank you for your help.
    Blessed be dear ones,
    Lady Beltane


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