Runes of Odin ( 4. Ansuz )


Merry meet again, dear Brothers and Sisters in the Craft.  I am here again with Ansuz. The next Rune that in the Runic alphabet is number 4. This is the Rune of the Message, Wisdom, Knowledge, Poetry , Public Speech  and Communication. This is Odin`s Rune. One of the names of Odin is Ansuz. The Rune  corresponds with Wednesday.

Galdr :

Shamanic Journey with the Rune :

More about Ansuz :

God : Odin, when it is reverse it represents Loki the trickster

Stone : Emerald

Colour : Dark Blue

Elemeny : Air

Planet : Mercury, Venus

Tree : Ash tree

This is the Rune of the good luck and the good fortune, the Rune of Immortality. It is the Divine impulse in Human Beings and a call for Divine power and help. It helps with poetry and in Public Speeches. It rules the songs, exams, interviews, the magic spells.It helps in all spheres of communication. It helps you to convince people in something. It makes your speech attractive and interesting. The Rune helps in gathering wisdom. Ansuz gives confidence and success in exams. It increases one`s magical energies and clairvoyance. It  helps the communications with Divine. Ansuz resonates with revelations and prophesies (that is Knowledge in general). It means : book, letter, message, information.

In Divinations : the answers you are searching  for are available but they are still not recognised by you as being such. Look around you, the signs are everywhere, the confirmations are around you, everything can matter so this is what leads to full understanding. Do not ignore the message just because you do not like its content. Each attempt can be a lesson that teaches you to see the truth.

Reverse meaning : be aware to truly capture the meaning of the message. Perhaps something you are reading  or looking at  seems more important than you think it is.

Converse meaning : failure in communicarion, hidden messages, secrets,  lack of clarity. It is the important thing  that looks like a delusion.

Use : Ansuz is used as a booster that gives fast delivery of  the messages . It can be drawn in the air and then you make a” letting a bird to fly “ gesture while at the same time you are sending a telepathic message to someone. You can also write a message on paper and burn it and draw Ansuz in the smoke that rises / especially effective when you communicate with a  Deity or Spirit /. When you leave a note to someone it is practical to draw Ansuz on the paper to make sure that the note will be received and red by the particular person.

Ansuz is a good Rune when you travel the worlds in a Shamanic journey. It can lead you to Asgard if you want to go there but you have lost the way. But to enter Asgard you must have an entrance  permission so  it is most likely you to find yourself trapped.

Old Tales:  Mimir was a giant that kept the well of wisdom , Mimir knew many things, he was the keeper of wisdom. Odin wanted to drink from Mimir`s well of wisdom and risking his own life he went into the land of giants. Mimir let Odin drink from his well but he named a price. Mimir`s price was one of the eyes of Odin. Odin agreed, with a knife he did what was needed and placed carefully his eye in the water of the well. Then he drank wisdom. Wisdom flooded into Odin. Now he could see more clearly with his one eye /and he could see further too/ than he was able to when he got two eyes. From then on he was called the blind god, Blindr and Hoarr /the one eyed/ and also Baleyg / the flaming – eyed one/. Odin`s eye remained in Mimir`s well “ preserved by the waters that feed the world ash, seeing nothing , seeing everything”.  Time passed and it happened Mimir to be killed by Vanir gods. They cut Mimir`s head and sent it to Odin. Odin did not want all of this wisdom to be lost , so he rubbed the head with certain herbs to prevent it from rotting. He chanted charms and incantations over it and soon Mimir opened his eyes and spoke to him wise words. Odin took Mimir`s head back to the well where Odin`s eye is. / myth I told is from the book “ Norse Mythology “ by Neil Gaiman/.

Odin and the gift of Poetry is another myth that tells about Kvasir, a God that was born after the Peace declared amongst all of the gods. Kvasir always tells the truth and he walked amongst people and gods telling the truth and giving wise advice. But he was killed by two dwarfs and his blood was boiled and a drink was prepered by his blood. Whoever drinks this drink is being gifted with inspiration and poetic skills. ..after many adventures Odin succeeded to take back to the Gods the drink that was made from Kvasir`s blood. Thus Odin carried the gift of poetry to the Gods and whatever he spilled was for the people. The myth is very long and I do not want to overload you with it . But you can find it and read it yourself. Enjoy !


Until we merry meet again

Blessed Be

Mistress of the Mountains






5 thoughts on “Runes of Odin ( 4. Ansuz )

      1. Thank you so much, Lady Beltane
        I will tell the whole myth about the mead of Poetry in my next post
        Blessings of Rainbow Colours and Peace
        Two Feathers


    1. Mead is a kind of alchohol that is made with honey. Some pagans offer Mead to the Gods as a gift in their rituals
      Love 🙂


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