A Thought for Today

Ever wonder why you do not receive an answer to a question you ask your Spirit guides immediately or why a spell maybe taking so long to come to frution?

Receiving an answer to your question is not like talking to another incarnate person. It is usually comes as what many refer to as “a gut feeling” or a thought that may seem to just pop into your head randomly or in a dream or seeing a billboard or a sign in a stores window. There are many ways our Spirit guides “talk” to us, the important thing is to be open to receiving their answer in any way it may come to you.

Working with our guides or waiting for a spell to work can be frustrating at times. We live in an age where we expect immediate results and have lost the patience to wait for something. Keep in mind our Spirit Guides ans spells we cast work without our notion of time. They do not wear a watch or look at a calendar. They give us an answer when it is the right time for us to know it. This goes for spells we cast also. Universal time is marked in century and thousands of years not in seconds or minutes or hours.

So the next time you ask a question for guidance or whatever or you cast a spell remember when the Universe feels the time is right for us to know the answer or the spell to work it will happen.

Blessed be dear ones.