Runes of Odin ( 3. THURISAZ)


Galdr :

Shamanic Journey with the Rune :

Thurisaz means : chaos, temptation, Thor`s hammer, devil, thorn, geteway, transition to something new

Stone : Sapfire

Colour : bright red

Element : Fire

God : Thor

Planet : Mars

Tree  : hawthorn

Plant : Sempervivum

This rune is useful when you are attacked or chased or when you face challenges. The Rune makes the people that act against you negligent when they have to be careful, this rune can weaken them or drive them mad. It increases the fears in people that have already had fears. Thurisaz can be your powerful ally as it is focused Cosmic Power for Defence. It symbolises Thor`s hammer Mjollnir. Thurisaz is pure will. Its power is able to direct the energies most efficiently. Use it when it is necessary to add more power to accomplish your task. This is also the Rune of the New Beginnings, the Rune of the Gate. Use it when you need good luck or when the circumstances are out of your control.  Thurisaz neutralizes your enemies and the opposition. It is the Rune of the active defence. It breaks  the curses and the enemies. Thurisaz awakens your  willingness  to act. The energy of the Rune Thurisaz can be used for chaos or for good, the rune represents the hidden forces of the human psyche as lust and anger.

Divinations : You are under a threat that is coming from people  of power and authority. You have to overcome the temptations to get rich due to trickery.  It symbolises the thorn as a weapon , the thorn can hurt, it can stick and pin, but it also can defend you  like a fence made of iron thorns.  It also may symbolise the unexpected good  luck, but in general it indicates that the good luck is leaving you.

You have the inner power to face every challenge and you have the power to determine your fate and to control your life. Do not fear anything and do not allow anyone to distract you from your quest towards the truth. You are powerful in Spirit and it is you who chose how to use this power of yours.

Recommendation :  Use the rune Thurisaz in a loving, careful and unconditional way. The Power may do you harm if you do not use it honestly and with pure heart.

Reverse meaning : it it a sign for good, the bad thing can be overcome, the danger you are facing now is not that big.

Converse meaning : the devil is hidden

Use : This is a nasty little rune that sets obstacles before your enemy`s steps. This rune can hurt the one who chases you.  Use it in emergencies.  It is especially effective when drawn on bushes with thorns or thick plants, groups of trees in rough terrains/areas, on roots or thick plants, the rune make the plants get thicker and to attack everything that strives to pass through them. The power of Thurisaz is not so big when it is drawn on a flat ground but even there it may cause little rough stones to get into the shoes of the one who chases you and thus to slow them. Draw it always behind you and never in front of you. To see how to draw it with your fingers , see the second link above.

Blessings of Peace and Good Luck

Until we merry meet again

Misterss of the Mountains




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