The World that flipped


As I became a wiccan, I learned there are two halves to the pagan community on Mother Earth. The other half has similar features as mine, but still so different. The other half that I have visited when I was working for my government is unique in that many things are offset from my own. As a wiccan, the unique features have come to light in my eyes. The unique features that I now see that makes them different than my half are the solar calendar, the lunar chart, and some Gods and Goddess.

First the solar calendar is offset by six months. As I celebrate one holiday in my half, I must be concerned with my fellow brothers and sisters in the other half as their time is offset by six months. When I celebrate one holiday, they are also celebrating the opposite holiday to mine. In returned I feel that I must be aware to observe the two as one. Even though the two holidays have totally different representation in themselves.

Secondly, there the moons meanings are different at different times of the year. As the seasons change, the meaning for the moon is different between the halves due to the offset of the two halves. One half could be in the dark moon of dying while it is the planting time on the other half. I would like to learn more about each moon meaning throughout the year. With this understanding, I will better appreciate what the other half goes through.

Thirdly, the other half has some different Gods and Goddesses the ones I have. I wonder if the pagans in the other half pay homage to them or do they bless the one in my half or do they do both? I personally I don’t know them, and I would like to learn more about them, so I can have a better understanding about them. I have looked on the net and found no information on these patrons. Maybe I have not looked in the right area. I would like some help from the followers on the other side of Mother Earth.

You may be wondering by now, what world I am taking about? It is the southern hemisphere. I don’t claim to be an expert in these matters due to that I am still a student in the wiccan world, in the northern half of wicca. There are still things that I need to learn that may give me more insight of the other half.


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