The Goddess Within

Here is a quick but effective way to contact the Goddess within you . . .

Take some time to ground yourself, and come to a place of open relaxation.

Gently notice your hand. Keep your gaze soft. Become aware of the contours, the hard bone and soft flesh that make up your physical hand.

Now imagine looking very closely, and seeing the cells that make up the bone and flesh and everything else in your hand. Tiny pulsing living sacks, filled with watery fluid and protein molecules, joined to each other with silky, almost transparent connective tissue.

Now imagine looking even more closely, and seeing the atoms that make up the cells. Infinitesimal whirling flashes of energy that are only half-there. Electron pulses that flit instantly from place to place, with no distance being traveled between, sharing information with all the other electrons in your body – and the universe – instantaneously.

Imagine looking deep into the galaxy-scale distances between these particles, and seeing beyond them, to the black void of empty perfection. This is the quantum field that gives rise to those pulses of energy that give form to everything in existence, including your atoms and cells and flesh and bone.

This is the field of pure Consciousness, and it is the essence of the Great Goddess.

Breathe out into this field, and notice your breath being inhaled by the Goddess.

Breathe in, and know that you are breathing in the exhalations of the Goddess. Maintain this connection through your breath for as long as you like.

When you are ready, come back into ordinary consciousness, keeping your awareness of the Great Goddess within you.

Where Lives The Womb Of Creation

What you have just experienced is the Womb of all creation. Whatever Consciousness calls forth from this Void, comes into being in the world.

This is the essence of you!

This is not merely what you are made from, it is what you are.

You are the Great Goddess! She is within you, now and evermore.

This visualization makes it clear on a visceral level that nothing can separate you from the Divine . . . no more than a drop of the ocean can be imagined as not being water!

Allow this knowing to settle into all levels of your consciousness. Your atoms know it. Your cells know it. Your physical body knows it. Your mind knows it. Your soul and spirit already know it.

This is you!

So whenever you want to connect with the Goddess, all you must do is go within yourself. That’s where She lives.


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