Reversed candle

Perform this 5 nights in a row, at dusk – as the sun dies and darkness descends.

Light two black candles and as they burn, speak this invocation:

In the name of the Gods and all ye spirits,

In the name of Kernunnos, and the light and the dark

and the Gods of the Netherworld,

Remove thy curse and sting from my heart and mine.

And whosoever shall be casting a curse against me,

Let he or she suffer their own curse.

Let these candles be their candles,

This burning be their burning,

This curse be their curse.

Let the pain they have caused me and mine

Fall upon themselves.

The two candles are completely burned each night.


7 thoughts on “Reversed candle

  1. Big Thank You for this spell, dear Sister!
    Is the sacred circle recommended for this rite or it should be done in a sacred space only ?
    I feel I am rather late with my defence since the curse towards me succeeded to ruin half of my life. It was done against me many years ago. I am still wondering though if this is a curse or something else . Also I am not quite sure who exactly sent to to me.
    Now, while I am typing I think about NOW, this moment that is Past, Present and Future together. What a Great Idea ! Thanks to You 🙂
    Love and Blessings to You
    How are you today ?


  2. Hi sweet pea, you can do this in your own sacred space.. Iam feeling pretty ruff today I now gained a cold from sick family members it appears I never get a break. maybe you can do this return hex… let me know where i can assist you..

    Light three black candles, and as they burn, speak this charm for thrice return:

    Broken this spell, broken this curse,
    By these candles, by this verse.
    Reflected back, three times three,
    Your hexes have no effect on me.
    Curse return, by candles three,
    Burn away and set me free.
    Live and learn, crash and burn,
    Three times three, this hex return.
    With harm to none, this lesson be told;
    Whatever is sent out, returns three-fold.

    Allow the candles to burn themselves out. Do this five nights in a row, during the Waxing Moon, at dusk – as the sun dies and darkness descends.


    1. Dear Sister, I also have a cold and lots of sneezing and all that comes with it 🙂
      Thank You, I will write this in my BOS and will try it.
      If you can assist me, I will be thankful to you , every idea from you is welcome .
      You Inspire Me 🙂
      Be Happy as my Heart dances now because of Inspiration that came to me 🙂


      1. Awwwww thank you such sweet words… on my page I have other spells you may wanna try.. I recommend highly to copy down for your BOS… you can find me on or stay blessed!! 🙏🙏🙏❤️

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes, I visited it but when I noticed you were in hospital I decided that it was not a time to search in your site but rather write a healing spell for you. I will come again ! Thank You


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