Anicient Pagan Rites

The title of this article reflects how many people are our traditions, customs and beliefs. While sacrifices are mentioned and did happen in years gone by most pagans no longer make any type of animal sacrifices. Some of us do use a tiny amount of our own blood, usually only a few drops, for certain rituals.


In the ancient world, a Pagan was anyone who worshiped gods that were different to those worshiped by the Romans and the Greeks before them. In particular, the Vikings, Anglo-Saxons and the Celts were classified as Pagans and their religious rituals were seen as weird, often because they were!

1. The Druid Ritual of Oak and Mistletoe

To the early Druid priests of Gaul and Britain, the oak tree held great significance in their rituals and was considered sacred. Likewise mistletoe, which can grow on the oak, also had an important role in their religion. According to a Roman chronicler ‘Pliny the Elder’ writing in the 1st century AD, it was believed that when mistletoe fell from an oak, it was a sign that the tree had been selected by their god.

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