New moon

Here’s a practice that can support you with having greater balance and abundance. Really just some ideas to get you in the mood. Listen to your own wise woman within and the truth of your own felt experience to guide you.

1) Deepen into your breathing until you feel your body relax and your heart soften. Let yourself be present to whatever is most troubling or challenging to you right now. Shift from thinking about it to allowing yourself feel it in your body.

Keep breathing into your belly and give whatever you are feeling room to just to BE (or move, growl, weep…) without judging or trying to fix anything about it or make it go away. Befriend what is actually there.

2) Then simply ask, “What are you pointing to that I’m really wanting, desiring, longing for?” Because there is something here that you really value (or else it wouldn’t be trying to get your attention).

3) Now gently shift your awareness to this desire, to what is being illuminated.  Let yourself rest there, in the presence of that. Allow yourself to enjoy the feeling of having it, imagining it. Here it is: handled, manifested, all yours. Let your body, heart and soul remember what it’s like to have it fulfillment. Because here is a big truth: you cannot desire that which you do not already know. 

Keep resting in the remembering. And visit often. Love what you love. Because that feels good. Just let your nervous system rewire itself around that. Allow each of your cells to absorb the nourishment they’re so hungry for.

New Moon moments are supercharged to support shifts in thinking, realignment with truth, a reset so you can get back on track. I invite you to join me in using the moment wisely. Especially for the next few days, endeavor to notice what you’re feeding with your attention. When you find yourself on a speeding train of negative thinking, celebrate the awareness and reach for gratitude instead. You’re the creator and author of your life, not a victim of it. You are at choice.

You are a daughter of the divine; life is created through your body. Put a hand on your belly and rest in knowing that you posses that kind of awesome superpower. Without efforting, you have the magnetic ability to draw to you what you want. You do not have to default to the hypermasculine programming that trained us all to make things happen by soldiering on with fight, push and grit.

Well you can if you want to. But it’s not the only way.


One thought on “New moon

  1. Hello beautiful Iam getting along better today.. it will be a long journey for sure.. thank you for sending your ambassador of light for me.. indeed I have felt distant reiki healing and spirit energy .. thank you for being so kind!! And thank you again for your love and support

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