New Moon Coven Gathering Saturday, November 18, 2017 at 7:00 PM CT


Saturday, November 18, 2017

Socializing starts at 7:00PM CT

Circle starts at 7:15 PM CT SHARP

Please do not enter the chat room once the circle has started. Thank you!


Coven Life’s Chat Room


1 Ice cube

1 Fresh Leaf of any kind

2 Paper Towels to set the leaf on


This month we honor the coming of colder weather, the frost that comes with it and the goddess Hekate, who helps bring in the shorter days of this month.

LADY BELTANE: Merry meet and welcome to our circle for November.

EVERYONE: Merry greet. Please give your first name and state or country you live in.

LADY BELTANE: I cast this circle three times three. I take us to a place that is not a place. I take us to time out of time. Into the abyss, we proceed with the knowledge that Hekate will guide and protect us.

We will have a two-minute meditation to allow our energies to combine and raise within our circle.

Lay your paper towels flat in front of you and place the leaf on top of them. Take the ice cube (you may want to wrap a paper towel around part of it so it is not as cold when you hold it) in your power hand. Start running the ice along the leaf from where it attaches to tree to the tip of it.  Repeat doing this until you have gone over the entire leaf starting in the right side and finishing on the left. Than turn the leaf over and do the same to the back of it.

EVERYONE: We will take 2 minutes to do this part of the ritual. As you are coating your leaf with the ice repeat this chat until the leaf has been chilled front and back. Hekate we welcome you and the darken part of the year as the season turn so do the things that live on Mother Earth change. Tonight we help in that change through this leaf to put Mother Earth asleep until with we help0 to wake her in the spring.

EVERYONE: At the end of the two-minutes reply with So mote it be!

Tonight’s ritual is now complete but we have a novice being initated as an adepted. Please wait to say anything to him until after the ceremony is completed. Thank you!

LADY BELTANE – Will those who are seeking to be initiated into our coven tonight as full members and to study as an adept please come forward.

Novice: Please type in – I now stand before our High Priestess and our Coven.

Lady Beltane: Do you stand before us of your own free will?

Novice: Answer

Lady Beltane: Do to you take a vow to keep the identities of all here present a secret unto yourself?

Novice: Answer

Lady Beltane: Do you vow to uphold the sanctity of our coven and keep all working within it unto yourself?

Novice: Answer

Lady Beltane: By what name shall you be called by from this day forth within our coven and the pagan community as a whole?

Novice: Answer

Lady Beltane:  Please welcome _______ into our coven and community.

Everyone: Please type in your welcome and/or blessing to our new adept.

Lady Beltane –  __e____ please take your place back within our circle. You have received the blessings of the coven now please receive mine as well. May your time among us be filled with positive energy, love, and laughter.

ADEPT: Please say anything you want to, to our coven.

LADY BELTANE: The circle is now open. I bring us back to the Earthly plane and the time it is here now. Merry part untile we meery meet again dear brothers and sisters.

Take your leaf, ice cube, and paper towels (year paper towels into as small of pieces that you can) to the middle of your yard/garden. Lay down the leaf and I’ve cube as an offering to Mother Earth to thank her for all the bounty she has given you this year. Throw the tiny pieces of paper towels to the wind in honor of the trees man chopped down to make them.

Copyright 2017 Lady Beltane


10 thoughts on “New Moon Coven Gathering Saturday, November 18, 2017 at 7:00 PM CT

  1. I need to know if I have the gift of being a witch. I know things, I dream things, that others cannot see or know. Is this a gift? How can I find out for sure. Do I need a coven to determine? “Wish”


    1. I would rather talk privately with you on this because you ask questions that I need more information on to help you. Many people have abilities but are or a witch. Please email me at ladybel@ Thank you.


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