Creating Sacred Space for Hekate

Sacred space is a necessary part of witchcraft and devotion to Hekate. I use sacred space for a variety of purposes from clearing an area so that I can pray without distraction to forming a large space in which I can conduct a spell. In this picture, I’ve created a nontraditional sacred focal point in my living room so that I can focus my intention on Hekate and witchcraft just by meditating on the objects in the display.

Sometimes I put a lot of thought and effort into creating the space, like when I do a full-scale spell or if I am doing an intense meditation or, most importantly, when I am doing a major devotional ritual to Hekate. Other times, I create an “insta-circle” when I am just trying to get the energies cleared in a space, so I can pray or do a quickie devotional to Hekate. At this end of this article, you’ll find a detailed description for creating sacred space using Hekate’s Wheel.


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