Another type of Ancestor

The Murder of- Hypatia of Alexandrea.

The story of Hypatia of Alexandrea is only but augmented in the plethora of accounts recorded towards the accusations of women in history for beguiling through satanic wiles. She clearly set the rhythm of what was to follow as the genocide of innocent men, women, children and animals in the thousands. Wide spread mass hysteria targeted these innocent that were supposedly an organized threat to Christendom in the 16th to 18th Centuries.

Hypatia was born in the grand and epistemological city of Alexandrea in Egypt dating 370-415AD. The daughter of Theon the Greek a philosopher and mathematician. Hypatia gained respect in her own right as an astronomer, Pagan philosopher in Neoplatonism, mathematician and civil leader who encouraged logical and mathematical studies. She invented and perfected astronomical calculating instruments that are still used today.

Her story begins with the familiar condemnations conducted by the hypocrisy of the Christian Church and their Fathers. Accusing this beautiful intelligent woman of sorcery. Dragging her into the streets of Alexandrea. The Christian mobs in their hysteria, stripped her naked, took oyster shells and scraped her skin to the bone. While she was barely alive she was then set alight. They commenced to scatter her remains in the streets of Alexandrea as a warning to others (Women). All this because she was a beautiful intelligent woman or in the eyes of the Church a Witch.

The link below explains her story in more detail.


The link to the movie


Written By Hypatia Of Alexandrea


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