Runes of Odin – 1. FEHU


I will include the following links into every one of the articles I post because these are the sites I found useful and I learned a lot from them. I will also include any other information I gathered. Plus information from my personal BOS. Please, check the links so you could find more information. You do not have to read about all runes at one time since these links will be here again when I write about the next Runes. It is best just to read about the Rune as I post it.

Galdr :

Shamanic Journey with the Rune :

Meanings :


Wealth, Career

Element : Fire , Earth

Colour : light red

Day : Thursday

Month : September

Stone : Moss agate

Herb : Elder, Nettle

Gods : Frey and Freya


The Rune indicates that the success is coming. What we have worked for and have put efforts for will soon come to us. Go on according to your plan. If the Rune comes close to Berkana or Gebo, the success will come as a result of personal relationships. If Fehu comes close to Othila , then the success will come as a result of heritage.

The reverse meaning of the rune is a sign for loss or disappointment. In this case,  look at the closer runes. If they are positive, then the reverse meaning of Fehu is just an obstacle or delay.

Use : The rune has a shortlived effect of adding the fine gloss of wealth or  high value on different objects. It can be drawn on presents to strenghten the “high value” effect on them or to distract someone`s attention from the real valuable things by drawing it on something that is not so valuable and thus to protect our possessions.

The rune is a channel for power, it draws the power of the Sun, Moon and the Stars into one`s personal sphere. The Rune draws abundance and wealth.

Mythology :

Frey and Freya are brother and sister twins of the Nordic pantheon closely connected with Elves and the Natural Spirits . They are children of the God of the Winds and Sea that is Njord honored by Vikings and sailors. Njord`s day is also Thursday. Njord, Frey and Freya are Gods of abundance, wealth and each one of them has a specific power. Frey is the God of fertility and agriculture honored by peasants , Freya is the Goddess with extreme beauty and she rules matters of love and sex, marriage and also magick, Freya is believed to be the First witch/volva/ that has taught all witches the Craft/Seidur as it is called in the North/ , she was a Master of transformation and hers is the falcon feathered cloak she can fly with.  Freya is Odin`s wife and with this marriage the Aesir Gods and Vanir Gods were united and lived in peace.

Let me share a little bit from the book of Neil Gaiman“ Norse Mythology” to illustrate her : “ Freya was the most  beautiful of all the gods. Her golden hair tumbled about her shoulders , and it glinted in the morning light. Freya`s two cats prowled the room , eager to pull her chariot. Around her neck , as golden and shining as her hair, glittered the necklace of the Brisings, made for Freya by the dwarfs far underground”.

When she cried , her tears were golden. And this explains the phrase “Freya`s tears” that means “gold” in the old Norse poetry.

Until we merry meet again

Mistress of the Mountains






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