Runes of Odin ( Divinations)

The Runes of Odin like to stay in a clean bag made of natural material such as cotton or linen. Keep them in such a  bag , white colour of the bag is good since it is neutral and consists of all colours. The Runes should be placed on white surface when you do  divinations. This is both to keep then clean and to show respect towards them. Sit with the Runes . You should face North. I have a special cotton white cloth to place my runes on it. The square is the perfect form for the cloth. But you also may use a white paper square. There are numerous types of divinations and I will share these I know and these that work for me.

Some practitioners work only with the main meaning of Runes and pay no attention if the Runes come reverse. But some regard the way the Rune is drawn , the reverse Runes mean “NO” or the negative side of the Rune, the opposite meaning of the rune. When the Rune is drawn normally as it is in the runic alphabet Futhark , the answer is “Yes”.

It is good to know

When you ask the Runes your questions should be as precise as possible, usually the question is of one sentence. Concentrate on your question and focus your attention before drawing the rune out of your runic bag. Do not try to manipulate the runes with the intent or expectations you have, you must feel neutral so that the true answer to come to you. If you are not satisfied by the answer …take it and thank the runes , do not ask again . Asking the same question again is “tabo”, you will insult the runes and they will stop answering to you or they will start lying to you. You should better ask for advice about how to act or what to do to overcome the obstacles on your way instead of asking your question again. The Runes will give you the proper advice. Sometimes you will feel the answer you get  seems illogical or not connected with your question at all. Wait for some days and have this answer in your mind … observe, be will see/feel the  signs that the Runes have given to you wise answer and this is the true answer of your question ; and you will capture the “message”given to you . Working that way with the runes you will see how gradually you become more intuitive and spiritual. This is Odin`s way. It teaches you how to see in the darkness and how to reach wisdom through insight. This is to follow the Spirit.

Some practitioner also drink special tea when they do divinations. Some of them use special stones or crystals . But all of this is optional and depends on each individual. I will share with you a list of stones that help your intuition BUT you do not need them in the divinations, you may wear them as long as you want to and they will help you develop your psychic skills : labradorite, lavrikite, amethyst, tiger eye, blue tiger eye, opal, moonstone, moss agate, turquaze, lapis lazuli, larimar jasper, super seven melody stone, pure quartz, lemurian quarts, smoke quartz, phantom quartz, obsydian.

Yes/ No divination

This way of divination is done when you ask a single question and expact an answer “yes” or “no”.

If the rune comes upright it means “yes”, for more detailed answer you should check the meaning of this particular rune you have drawn.

If the Rune comes reverse, the answer is “no” and you may check what is the meaning of the particular rune you have drawn

For these that work only with the upright position of the runes, you draw 2 squares on a white sheet of paper. The first one is for the positive and the second one is for the negative question, for example you ask “ What will happen if I agree to do this task?” – draw one rune and put it in the first quare, it will tell you what will happen if you do something. Then ask : “ What will happen if I do not agree to do this task?” – draw one rune and put it in the second square, it will tell you what will happen if you do not do something.

The Three Norns Divination

Ask a question, you may write it on  paper.

Draw 3 runes of your bag . The first rune is the past. The second rune you draw out  of the bag is the present, it shows you the situation now and gives you the advice needed. Check its meaning to have an idea of what it tells you. The third rune is the future. It tells you what the future of the current situation will be if you follow the runic advice / that comes with the second rune you drew /.

Make notes because you will perhaps be thinking of the runic message during the following days  and you will be decoding the message, you will have the whole picture in a day or two. At first when you draw the runes out , it may seem to you that the runes do not answer at all, in fact they do . Time is needed to understand their message.

Asking with 9 runes

This method can be seen when you follow the link below. I think it is an amazing way to get closer to our ancestors and their way of working with Spirit. This way of divination requires intuition and skills and develops your intuition and skills. Enjoy :

I will start introducing each of the Runes and its meaning with my next posts. This is a long journey and I am thankful to share it with all of you.

Until we merry meet again

Mistress of the Mountains






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