Runes of Odin ( and the Norns)

Runes of Odin can be asked to tell you about the past , the present and the future . They can reveal how the threads of fate are weaved for a situation or even a lifetime. Each soul has a certain path that has to be walked in a lifetime. No matter how we change the situations consciously or not, our main direction for this lifetime will stay as it is planned before incarnation and this is always for our best. This is the reason why some of the spells seem not working or some of our prayers seem not heard/ do not doubt that, all prayers are always heard/, all of this is a matter of life plan that was done and agreed before our incarnation. When we face such a situation that seems hard and noone can help or even heard our call, know that this is perhaps because of your life plan and take it with gratitude because the Spirit always knows what is best for you and for your growth as a soul. The Runes Can Show us the situations and give us Light in the Darkness of our 3d experience . The Runes Can also give us advice about what to do and where to go to ease the difficulties , the threads of fate can be re- ordered for some situations that would not affect the life plan of a soul in general.
I will use Neil Gaiman`s re-telling of the myth about the Norns. In his book “Norse Mythology” he wrote : “ The last root of the world-tree goes to a spring in the home of the gods, to Asgard, where the Aesir make their home. Each day the gods hold their council here, and it is here they will gather in the last days of the world, before they set out for the final battle of Ragnarok. It is called the well of Urd.
There are three sisters, the norns, who are wise maidens. They tend the well, and make sure that the roots of Yggdrasil are covered with mud and cared for. The well belongs to Urd; she is fate, and destiny. She is your past. With her are Verdandi – her name means “ becoming” – and hers is the present, and Skuld, whose name means “ that which is intended”, and her domain is the future.
The norns will decide what happens in your life. There are other norns , not just those three. Giant norns and elf norns, dwarf norns and Vanir norns, good norns and bad, and what your fate will be is decided by them. Some norns give people good lives, and others give us hard lives, or short lives, or twisted lives.
They will shape your fate, there at Urd`s well.”
As I promised in my previous post I will share a ritual with you. The ritual is not my working , it is composed and given by D.J. Conway and I found it somewhere in Internet a year ago. Before I do this I want to tell you about the colous of the Norns : black, red and white. The braid is this symbol that represents what the norns do. Also the circle. A circle made of braid without beginning and without end. This is a powerful protection.
Invoking the Norns Ritual/ by D.J.Conway/
Month : December
Moon phase : Dark Moon
You will need : 3 long ribbons , one black, the other red and the third one white/ they can be long enough to wear them as a belt in your rituals or works of divination/
3 candles/Optional : one black, the other red and the third candle white/
The 3 candles/they may be 3 white candles or any colour you feel representing the norns to you/ represent the norns.
Take the 3 ribbons and start weaving them in the pattern of a braid. While you make this you chant :

Over, under, threads of Fate
As in my life , so in all things.
Weaving the pattern , soon or late,
I see the result that action brings”
Urd, Verdandi, Skuld

Repeat this as you weave till the whole braid is ready. When it is done, do make knots on both ends and kiss the braid. Weave it around your wrist, or waist or shoulders. Raise your hands upwards and visualise the Norns. Say :

A new year dawns, the threads weave on,
To ultimately reveal my destiny.
Oh, Fates of Life, I ask your aid
To clear my path and set me free.
Let old things die and fade away.
Let new come in to prosper me.
Oh, Fates of Life, I ask your aid
To clear my life and set me free.

The braid is put under the pillow for this night and you sleep on it. You may have meaningful dreams that night. Try to remember your dream. Pay attention to your dreams and do whatever is needed to be done so that to make your path easier and your life better.
Use the braid when you do divinations or connect with the Norns. Wear it as a belt, or like a bracelet or on your shouders and keep it near your Runes or put it on your altar. You can put it in a safe place in a box that is only for your Runes and the braid.
Blessed Be
In my next post I will share with you how to do Runic divinations.
Until we merry meet again
Mistress of the Mountains.


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  1. I do not know why I faced big difficulties to post the current article, perhaps the site has been moderated or updated but here is the 3rd article written and posted with Love
    Thank You for your time and interest
    Mistress of the Mountains


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