Runes of Odin ( About the number of the Runes )


There are some Runic alphabets that survived the ages and came to us from Ancient times when the Runes were also a tool of writing as well as tools of divination and magick. The most common one that is widely popular amongst today`s spiritual ones contains 24 Runes , some include one additional blind Rune , nothing on it. This Rune that comes as the 25th Rune is regarded differently. They say that when it comes in divination the answer is “yes” or “ nothing – the result depends on you and the choise you make”, some think that this blind rune is not a Rune at all, it is just additional one with pure surface in case one of the other Runes is lost, the owner of the set may carve the missing rune on the surface.

In my posts I am going to share with you what I know for each of the common 24 Runes and some more Runes that work with me.  I have read that the Runes at the time they were given to people were many more than we know today and some of them have been lost in time and forgotten. It is perhaps for good because there were powerful Runes that were used for destructive purpose and enguaged in dark arts. Their power was immense and they could easily cause the dead of the targeted one and do this in a rather short time. The Gods decided that it would be better these Runes to be forgotten for the best of all.

How to make your own Rune Set

Runes are best done using natural materials like stones, crystals, clay or wood. Wood is a powerful material if we consider the origin of the Runes, ash tree is perfect and apple tree too, the type of the tree will be shown to you and you only need to follow the Spirit . To be effective and to work the tree branch must be taken in Spring when the tree is about to blossom and give fruit, Spring is the time of new growth and power, thus your Runes will be charged with Power from Earth.

Carving/Writing the Runes

The Runes must be carved or written in one movement of the hand and without stopping unless the Rune is written, if the Rune is not written well or correctly, it should be destroyed with fire so that not to do harm. The Runes must be pure and perfect to work at their highest potential.

If someone wants to make an own handmade rune set it is best to wait untill I share the ways the Runes can be written.  I will share this in the next posts .

Here is a link to help you learn more

Until we merry meet again

Blessed Be

Mistress of the Mountains




5 thoughts on “Runes of Odin ( About the number of the Runes )

  1. Thank You , Steve. I am just waiting for the right moment to start introducing my readers to the Runes, one by one … I experience some concerns recently and I am not in the mood of writing, hope this will pass.


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