6 Signs It’s Getting Close To Samhain

Our ancestors didn’t need a calendar to tell them Samhain was getting close – they could read the signs. People have been reading signs in the wider world for at least as long as we’ve been human. This requires no great psychic skills – anyone can do it, if you pay close attention over a long period of time. Many things that happen regularly happen in a particular order, and while correlation is not causation it’s good enough for predictive purposes.

We’ve lost much of the wisdom and lore of our pre-Christian ancestors, and in any case we live in a very different world. But even in here in urban and suburban North America, there are signs that let us know it’s getting close to Samhain.

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Beltane Traditions

Beltane is a holiday rich in tradition. Its celebrated with both centuries old customs and modern practices. Many of those modern practices vary from group to group and path to path. In my younger days in Michigan my local Pagan community celebrated Beltane with a campout, a dance around the Maypole, and at least two rituals most times. It was a celebration of friendship and extended family, and often marked our first “outdoor ritual” of the new calendar year. In my group of friends back then Beltane was a very big deal; it was the most important community sabbat we celebrated all year. No matter the physical distances between us as we all grew into true adulthood, Beltane was an event worth coming back “home” for.
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