Runes of Odin

Dear Lady Beltane, I am honored that you asked me to share my experience with the Runes here on Coven Life`s site. I will do my best and I hope my experience will be interesting for all who read the posts.

Thank You

May the Light and the Peace of the Goddess be with You

Mistress of the Mountains



Lots of stories have been told about the Runes. I have been interested in them for nearly 10 years and the more I learn the more I realise that a lifetime is not enough to study and know the Runes. I have read numerous articles and books about the Runes. They work with me because they chose to do so and at times they stop and I leave them undesturbed till  my senses tell me I can try again.One thing is for sure. The Runes of Odin are unlike any other thing, any other tool for divination, they have  life of their own and  will of their own. Each Rune has a Personality and this is a complicated personality. This is a small and Powerful Universe that makes choises and works with you if you are the chosen one . Runes can show the Truth but they can also lie. They can just stop “speaking” if you try to manipulate the answer you expect.  And they can be Powerful and Magickal allies that walk and work with you to give you Light when the path becomes Dark so that you do not give up walking and always find the best way for yourself.

One thing I learned from the Runes and my work with them and this is : Believe your Intuition.

With everything I am about to write here I am going to share my experience with the Runes and give you information about each Rune together with many links to various sites that I find useful for this purpose.

The Knowledge of the runes is in connection to the Nordic Myths about Nordic Gods and I will tell you stories that are interesting , amusing, beautiful and practical . I have found a book by Neil Gaiman called “ Norse Mythology” that will help me with my task.  Here is the myth of Odin and the Runes that is  re-told by Gaiman :

“ The highest and the oldest of all the gods is Odin.

Odin knows many secrets. He gave an eye for wisdom. More than that, for knowledge of runes , and for power, he sacrificed himself to himself.

He hung from the world-tree, Yggdrasil, hung there for nine nights. His side was pierced by point of a spear, which wounded him gravely. The winds clutced at him, buffeted his body as it hung. Nothing did he eat for nine days or nine nights, nothing did he drink. He was alone there, in pain, the light of his life slowly going out.

He was cold, in agony, and on the point of death when his sacrifice bore dark fruit: in the ecstasy of his agony he looked down, and the runes were revealed to him. He knew them, and understood them and their power. The rope broke then and he fell, screaming, from the tree.

Now he understood magick. Now the world was his to control.”

According to another story Odin threw nine rods from the tree and the rods fell in such a way that the Runes were shown to him. Thus all-father Odin knew and understood the Runes and their wisdom.

Runes were used in writings. They also can be drummed , they have phonethics and can be sung , they have numbers.  They can be used in magick . But always treat them with Respect. The Runes have also their dark side and can be harmful if one do not use them correctly. Nazi failed because of misuse of the power of Runes. This is how they work. The Runes carry the Wisdom of the Universe , the balance , they have free will as each soul has , some Spiritual People can even see them like living humanlike beings. Other Practitioners do shamanic spiritual journeys with the Runes. The Runes can help us travel the worlds to search wisdom just like Odin does. Do not try to dominate them nor to manipulate them.  Just accept them as your travel companions and friends . You will be gifted with knowledge and wisdom.

Until we merry meet again

Blessed Be



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