The Veil

As we passed the celebration of Mabon, we are beginning to move into the times of darkness. We will see the plants dying, trees going dormant, and many animals are doing their things to get on getting ready in their way for the darker half of the year.
As the wheel of the year turns, I watch as the leaves turn into many colors. This tells me the I will be adding another digit to my age, and I will be getting ready for Samhain. I am starting to think about my loved ones who have crossed to the other side. With the help of Lady Beltane, I learned how to do meditation. I am using this knowledge, to help me meditate in remembrance of my loved ones. By doing this I will be ready on Samhain and the possibly of speaking to one or some of them easier. On Samhain, I will be celebrating their passing when the veil between our two realms is at its thinnest.
Have you taken time to remember the loved one or ones who have crossed to the other side difference in your life? If you have not done so, I recommend that you do so. So, when Samhain arrives, you can bless them and be blessed by them.