What an Interesting Week I Had

First, let me start by saying a huge and heartfelt thank you to Tharem for all his great posts and going above and beyond with the posts for Mabon and Ostara!

I started the week off watching my youngest 2 grandsons for a day and a half, then went to work to come home to no internet besides it being down at my daughters’. Wednesday came still no internet and I got sent home early from work because I almost passed out. Nothing serious just a little dehydrated..so the bad is on me. Thursday my internet decided to sort of work when it wanted to and I could get nothing posted and the reason for that was something is seriously wrong with it. As I was watching a video the screen went blue and then it shut itself off and refused to re-boot. This is the computer I use all the time so it has many things for the website, students and my book saved on it. Luckily I have a small netbook computer,  that I have to get used to using again, I just had the screen replaced in (hubby accidentally broke it last year while sweeping). So at least I can post and answer emails at home again. Plus when I find the flash drive I just upload the adept lessons on before I went on vacation those students can get their next lesson. So, all in all, a technically challenging week and I am already technically challenged.

I hope you had a blessed and happy Mabon or Ostara. May the peace of the new season be with you!


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